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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - December 8th, 2013.
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New product at MowDirect

Bosch AKE 30S Electric Chainsaw (30cm Guide-Bar)

Bosch AKE 30S Electric Chainsaw (30cm Guide-Bar) £89.95
This safe and easy-handling electric chainsaw from Bosch is a great little entry-level machine for the inexperienced user. Its beefy 1800w motor develops a chain-speed of nine metres-per-second, so you can be confident of a quick, clean cut; while its fast-acting ‘kick-back’ brake activates in less than 0.1-seconds for optimum operator-safety. As with all Bosch handheld power-tools, the AKE 30S is lightweight and has been designed with special attention to ergonomics.If you’ve got shrubs, bushes and smaller fruit-trees that need regular attention, then leave your manual pruner in the shed and get the job done in quick-time with the Bosch AKE 30S.Its compact 30cm guide-bar holds a chain that operates at a rapid nine metres-per-second, and which is kept constantly lubricated by an automatic oiling mechanism so as to ensure a smooth cut and a long-life for the cutting-gear. An automatic chain-brake brings the chain to an instantaneous halt should a chain-tooth hit a knot, thereby giving you complete piece-of-mind when it comes to ‘kick-back’; while a manual holding-brake stops the chain quickly when you release the throttle trigger.The Bosch AKE 30S Electric Chainsaw is fitted with a series of heavy-duty steel gripping teeth, which not only aid accuracy, but also reduce the chance of ‘kick-back’.Its low-weight design and low-vibration chain allow for comfortable, controlled operation; while its employment of Bosch’s SDS system means no tools are required for chain removal and tensioning.