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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - December 8th, 2013.
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MowDirect has cut the price of these products

Alko Shredder Bag (110270)

Alko Shredder Bag (110270) was £49.95 now £49.00
This generous sized collection box with its 75 litre capacity makes it a perfect companion for all shredders in the AL-KO range.

Alko US45-22 Drop Garden Spreader (110301)

Alko US45-22 Drop Garden Spreader (110301) was £59.95 now £59.00
The affordable Al-Ko US45-22 is a simple but highly effective way to deliver lawn-feed; weed-killer; salt; and ice-melt over smaller areas. It offers a generous 22-litre spread-media capacity, so breaks for top-ups will prove few and far between; and it has 23 spread-holes which ensure a neat and even distribution pattern. The Al-Ko US45-22 Drop Garden Spreader has a compact 45cm working-width that makes it easy to manoeuvre along narrow pathways and between closely-spaced obstacles. A straightforward adjustment-mechanism makes it easy to set-up the unit for any given task; while the corrosion-resistant plastic-hopper and simple, low-maintenance design combine to guarantee a lengthy product-life. Weighs only 3.5kg.

Al-Ko Ridge Plough Attachment (for the BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor)

Al-Ko Ridge Plough Attachment (for the BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor) was £95.00 now £75.00
The Al-Ko Ridge Plough Attachment fits quickly and easily to the Al-Ko BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor. It’s designed for the turning-over of the earth in vegetable-plots and flowerbeds prior to seeding or planting – it’s not suitable for ploughing furrows, or for use in hard-packed soils.

Al-Ko GW50 Lawn Roller / Garden Roller

Al-Ko GW50 Lawn Roller / Garden Roller was £89.95 now £85.00
This robust, German-built lawn & garden roller from Al-Ko is suitable both for the bedding-in of seeds and the creation of pronounced lawn-stripes. Flexible in use, it can be ballasted either with water, giving a weight of 72kg; or with sand, giving a weight of 120kg. The Al-Ko GW50 Lawn Roller / Garden Roller has an expansive 50cm working-width that ensures a fast work-rate over larger areas. Its integrated scraper-bar prevents performance-inhibiting debris from accumulating on the drum; while its all-steel construction ensures an impressively lengthy product life.

Al-Ko Classic 3.2E Electric Lawn Mower

Al-Ko Classic 3.2E Electric Lawn Mower was £109.95 now £105.00
A compact, lightweight and easy-to-use machine, the Al-Ko Classic 3.2E will prove a great buy if your lawn’s just that bit too small to justify the use of a petrol-driven mower. It’s powered by a long-lasting, easy-starting and maintenance-light 900w induction motor that drives an integrated impellor. The airflow created by the impellor ensures that even damp grass is forced efficiently into the collector without clumping or blocking the discharge chute. The 32cm working-width and 35-litre grass-catcher on the Al-Ko Classic 3.2E Electric Lawn Mower combine to make it ideal for lawns of up to around 250m2. It has ultra-solid axles, so it’s has the rigidity that’s required for a consistent finish; and it offers four preset heights-of-cut (23 – 62mm) that make it possible to achieve a great cut no matter what the grass conditions. For enhanced user-safety, this model is equipped with a cable holder that eliminates any possibility that you might accidentally mow over the 16m mains cable. It weighs just 12kg, so it’s easy to lift up steps or into the back of the car.

Al-Ko SRS850 Snow-Plough Attachment (for BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor)

Al-Ko SRS850 Snow-Plough Attachment (for BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor) was £269.00 now £255.00
As a result the colder winters of recent years, snow clearance has become much more of an issue for households and businesses. This snow plough attachment will therefore prove a useful addition to your Al-Ko BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor and make the task of keeping driveways, forecourt areas and car parks clear of snow easier than ever. The Al-Ko SRS850 Snow-Plough Attachment fits quickly and easily onto the main power unit and thanks to the wide 850mm clearing-width you’ll be able to clear large areas of compacted snow and ice with the minimum amount of time and effort.

Al-Ko CF500 Cultivator Attachment (for BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor)

Al-Ko CF500 Cultivator Attachment (for BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor) was £289.00 now £265.00
With the purchase of the Al-Ko CF500 Cultivator Attachment you’ll be able to turn your Al-Ko BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor into a highly effective tiller. Designed for lighter soil types, it employs four star-shaped tines that will cut into and turn over the soil for aeration or planting. Power is sent to the tiller-blades via a V-belt drive.

Al-Ko CB870 Scythe Attachment (for BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor)

Al-Ko CB870 Scythe Attachment (for BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor) was £269.00 now £265.00
If you combine the Al-Ko CB870 Scythe Attachment with the Al-Ko BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor, you’ll be able to tame overgrown paddocks, orchards and meadows with speed and efficiency. Its twin bladed cutting-action makes it possible to scythe with ease through thick, long grass and dense, well established undergrowth. It has a large-sized 87cm cutting-width, so substantial areas can be covered quickly.

Al-Ko BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor

Al-Ko BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor was £849.00 now £839.00
This very high-performance two-wheel tractor lies at the heart of Al-Ko’s range of multi-tool attachments. The engine powering it is a 625-Series model from Briggs & Stratton. This 190cc, four-stroke unit offers the usual advantages of four-stroke power, including superior dependability, improved fuel economy and cleaner exhaust emissions. Starting is reliable and trouble-free. The Al-Ko BF-5002R Two Wheel Tractor can be used with the following attachments: cultivator; scythe mower; ridging plough; sweeper; snow plough. Thanks to Al-Ko’s quick-fit attachment system, you can switch applications in a matter of minutes. Equipped with a power-drive and large-diameter high-grip pneumatic tyres, the Al-Ko BF-5002R two wheeled tractor can be guided effortlessly across boggy ground, rough grass and undulating terrain. The inclusion of a reverse gear ensures you’ll have no trouble backing-out of awkward corners, and also makes it easy to readjust your course if you’ve gone slightly awry when ploughing or tilling. As with all Al-Ko garden machinery, this model is German engineered and benefits from robust build-quality and utilises only the very highest quality components.

Al-Ko T15-92HD-A Edition Lawn Tractor

Al-Ko T15-92HD-A Edition Lawn Tractor was £2099.00 now £2049.00
Combining proven German build-quality with numerous practical and convenient features, the Al-Ko T15-92HD-A will make the task of large-scale lawn-maintenance a breeze. Making the mower tick is a very high-powered 344cc (7.0kW) overhead-valve engine from Briggs & Stratton. OHV-type power-units have many advantages over their side-valve counterparts, including improved fuel-economy; reduced maintenance requirements; and smoother, quieter-running operation. As with all B & S engines, starting is fast and hassle-free. Instead of a manual transmission, where you have to stop to shift gear, the Al-Ko T15-92HD-A Edition Lawn Tractor has been equipped with a hand-operated hydrostatic drive. This makes it possible to adjust the ground-speed in infinite increments for intuitive control and manoeuvrability. To help you deal with changing weather-conditions and grass-lengths, Al-Ko have furnished this high-specification machine with a six-stage cutting-height; adjustable between 30 and 90mm. A rugged front-positioned steel bumper ensures accidental impact will cause little or no damage; while an ergonomically-contoured high-back seat works to keep back-strain at bay. The Al-Ko T15-92HD-A Edition Lawn Tractor is fitted with an aerodynamic Hi-Lift blade (92cm) that powers cut-grass into the cavernous 300-litre collector with no clumping or blockages. Gas-assisted tipping makes emptying the grassbag effortless.