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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - January 1st, 2014.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these products

Autumn Bulbs - Onion Set - Troy

Autumn Bulbs – Onion Set – Troy was £1.99 now £0.99
Troy Onion Sets will produce a heavy crop of uniform round to flat-round bulbs with good skin quality. Early harvesting with dark yellow skin these onions have a good resistance to bolting and disease.Harvesting period: Jun-Jul Average contents: 50

Autumn Bulbs - Onion Set - Radar (Pack of 50)

Autumn Bulbs – Onion Set – Radar (Pack of 50) was £1.99 now £0.99
If you plant these onion sets rather than seeds they are more reliable and will be earlier to harvest.To grow the onions require a deeply cultivated and well-drained soil for effective growth.They will also benefit from an appliance of general fertiliser into the soil prior to planting. When planting plant in Autumn 3cm deep and 12cm apart.Check them every few days to ensure growth commences and re-plant any sets that have been disturbed by birds etc.When the leaves start to die down use a fork to partly ease the onions out of the soil.After a few days bend the tops over and after a similar period lift the onions leaving them on the surface to ripen. When dry rub off any loose skin and the roots. Store them in a cool dry place

Autumn Bulbs - Red Overwintering Onion - Electric

Autumn Bulbs – Red Overwintering Onion – Electric was £1.59 now £0.99
This early harvesting Red Overwintering Onion Electric should be planted in Autumn and produces a symmetrical globe shaped bulb. This has excellent colour and flavour making an attractive addition to the early summer salad bowl. Alternatively onion Electric can be used in a wide range of dishes. Approx 50 Onions

Autumn Bulbs - Tahiti Daffodil - Pack of 5 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Tahiti Daffodil – Pack of 5 Bulbs was £1.59 now £0.99
Dafodil of the Year 2009 Tahiti Daffodil has outstanding double blooms with yellow petals outer petals and orange-red centres. Once planted you can enjoy long-lasting and low care beauty

Autumn Bulbs - Narcissus 'Minnow' -10

Autumn Bulbs – Narcissus ‘Minnow’ -10 was £1.29 now £0.99
This strain of narcissi is a winner of the RHS award of garden merit. Flowering in March/ April these narcissi bulbs like well drained but moist soil in sun and partial shade.Each stem bears up to 5 flowers which have cream petals and pale yellow cups. This mid-spring narcissi grows up to 25cm high.Plant informally in groups or alternativey use in containers or rock gardens. Pack of 10.

Autumn Bulbs - Tulips 'Bastogne' - 8 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Tulips ‘Bastogne’ – 8 Bulbs was £1.99 now £1.24
This superb Bastogne Tulip is a rich red colour with cardinal-red flames and plum anthers and has sturdy upright stems. Lightly scented it makes a wonderfully vibrant addition to any garden area and is good for overplanting above perennials. Type: Hardy perennialBulb size: 11-12Flowering period: Apr-May Height: Up to 60cm Ideal for: Bedding plants rock gardens overplanting above perennialsPreferred planting position: Full sun or light shadePreferred soil type: Well drained neutral to slightly acidic fertile most to sand to some clayQuantity: 8 bulbs

Autumn Bulbs - Gladiolus Italicus - 10 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Gladiolus Italicus – 10 Bulbs was £1.79 now £1.24
Ideal for the back of borders Gladioli Italicus are stunning showy flowers in bright pink to magenta colours. Also known as sword lilies due to their sword-shaped leaves these gladioli look superb planted in groups especially amongst shrubs or bushy plants or to simply provide a colourful height accent in your garden.A wonderfully exotic flower for borders flower beds and containers that creates a vivid display of colour and makes a terrific addition to cut flower arrangements.Type: Hardy Perennial Ideal for: Borders containers cut-flowers Flowering period: June Height: 75cmPreferred planting position: Sun Preferred soil type: Well drained reasonably fertileQuantity: 10 bulbs

Autumn Bulbs - Daffodil Narcissi Falconet Bulbs (Pack of 10)

Autumn Bulbs – Daffodil Narcissi Falconet Bulbs (Pack of 10) was £1.49 now £1.24
With their bright gold and striking orange centres these pretty plants also give off an alluring musky sweet scent.They grow at their best in well-drained moist humus rich soil in sum or partial shade.It is best to avoid very dry areas such as under conifers.Working well planted informally in groups

Autumn Bulbs - Narcissus 'Tete-a-tete'-10 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Narcissus ‘Tete-a-tete’-10 Bulbs was £1.49 now £1.24
Although small growing to about 15cm tall this is a robust variety with all-yellow flowers. Features flowers up to 6cm across with long trumpets and slightly reflexed petals.These narcissi like well drained but moist hummus rich soil in sun or partial shade.These are ideally planted informally in groups in beds rock gardens and containers.These can be undisturbed for years although and are great for naturalizing in woodland and lawns.

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