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Price reductions at Plant Me Now

by John - January 28th, 2014.
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Reduced price on items today at Plant Me Now

Hydrangea Colourant

Hydrangea Colourant was £3.95 now £2.95
Hydrangeas are naturally pink, but where the soil contains iron or aluminium salts they will produce blue flowers . Where neither is naturally available and you want blue flowers, the Vitax Colourant is the solution. Pale pink varieties tend to blue best, with the darker pink varieties producing mauve/blue flowers. Mix the colourant with the soil when planting pot or outdoor hydrangeas or dissolve in water and apply.

Vitax Q4+ 0.9kg

Vitax Q4+ 0.9kg was £5.95 now £4.95
Vitax Q4+ is a natural, organic, sustainable fertiliser with added mycorrhizal fungi for enhanced root growth. Use for planting fruit, trees, shrubs and roses. Ideal compost base dressing Pre planting fertiliser With Organic nutrients Vitax Q4+ is based on the original all purpose fertiliser Q4. Vitax Q4+ has the added benefit of mycorrhizal fungi, helpful bacteria and a range biostimulants to encourage root growth and help plants to establish. Q4+ contains vital plant foods for planting roses, trees and shrubs and is suitable for use in own mix compost as the mycorrhizal fungi increase nutrient uptake.