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Compost tumbler

by Diane - March 18th, 2014.
Filed under: Composting.

I’m buying one of these for the allotment. The Compost Tumbler Dual Chamber is a dual compartment tumbler.

I have seen much more expensive versions of compost tumblers and whilst I would have loved one I have opted for this which is a much more sensible price to be paying. It’s a quarter of the price of the dearer one!

The idea is you load it up with compost and turn it every day and this speeds up the compost process. You have to ensure a good balance of compost material – balancing greens and browns is essential. And balance the wetness – adding sawdust or wood pellets to soak up excess liquid is something you can do.
The idea is that the perfect balance of materials will be turned together and this will rapidly make good compost.
I’ll let you know when it arrives!

At Amazon its £84.99 and at Argos the Tumbling comoster AID- DO NOT CHANGE is £79.99 with free delivery!

They do have a good range of compost bins at Amazon