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10 gardening books

by Diane - March 22nd, 2014.
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Another list of great gardening books – wouldn’t mind any of them!
Saw Monty Don talk at the Dig it festival in Manchester in 2013. Lovely bloke!
All at Blackwells books

Garden Magic

Garden Magic £10.95
Describing the joy of gardens has been a pleasure for prose writers, poets and painters, since earliest times, as the selections in this book delightfully reveal. ‘The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies’ – Gertrude Jekyll The…

Gardening Myths and Misconceptions

Gardening Myths and Misconceptions £9.99
A look behind the apparent complexities of gardening advice, to find easier and productive ways of gardening; growing vegetables in particular. Understanding that can save time, money and unnecessary effort. Some mythical beliefs run deep into the…

Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2014

Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2014 £8.99
Learn how the rhythms of the moon affect both crops and livestock. Here we re-learn that the rhythms of the moon affect both crops and livestock. The gardeners at RHS Wisley have proved the benefits of the lunar effect under controlled research…

Gardening at Longmeadow

Gardening at Longmeadow £25.00
Invites us into the garden at Longmeadow to introduce us to the garden from the earliest snowdrops of January through the first splashes of colour in the Spring Garden, the electric summer displays of the Jewel Garden, the autumn harvest in the…

Gardening for Profit

Gardening for Profit £9.99
The comprehensive guide to starting a sustainable market garden business. More and more of us are discovering the rewards of growing our own food – and there’s plenty of advice to be found on how to do so. But what about producing larger…

Gardening in Miniature

Gardening in Miniature £12.99
The first how-to guidebook for gardeners with big ideas for growing small! In this new book, expert on the artistry of miniature gardening, Janit Calvo, has created the definitive guide to crafting unique tiny gardens complete with original…

Gardening in Pyjamas

Gardening in Pyjamas £12.99
Simple information and trusted advice for all those bitten by the gardening bug, from the author of Thorny Problems This is the perfect book for you if you are one of the many people who feel that gardening could be your ultimate pleasure if only…

Gardening in the Tropics

Gardening in the Tropics £32.00
Although written specifically for the tropical climate of Malaysia, this enormous encyclopedia is also useful for the less steamy conditions of Hawaii, south Florida, and southern California. An enormous encyclopedia of tropical gardening that…

Gardening with Woodlands Plants

Gardening with Woodlands Plants £30.00
Woodland plants add magic to any garden with lush carpets of color, foliage at the middle level, and majestic height. Contrary to myth, large spaces and special soil are not required. This comprehensive guide covers the essentials, and the…

Gorgeous Gardening Boosters

Gorgeous Gardening Boosters £14.99
Gorgeous Garden Boosters will help you transform your garden, whatever its size, into a stunning showcase. You’ll find boosters that are guaranteed to enhance your garden – tips, time-saving new tools and products, handy hints and expert know…