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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - March 26th, 2014.
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MowDirect has these new items today

MTD A53SPKV-HW Self-Propelled Hi-Wheel Lawnmower

MTD A53SPKV-HW Self-Propelled Hi-Wheel Lawnmower £479.00
The innovative MTD A53SPKV-HW offers the sort of rugged build-quality, premium features and versatility that are must-haves for homeowners maintaining substantial grassed areas. It versatility is thanks to the provision of the following four mowing-modes: rear/side-discharge; mulching; and collection. With these options available, you’ll be able to deal with whatever grass-conditions you’re faced with, from unkempt meadow grass, through to the sort of short-clipped growth found on fine formal lawns. The MTD A53SPKV-HW has been equipped with large-diameter drive wheels that not only aid turning in long grass, but also provide the extra traction needed when working on slopes and damp ground.It has a variable-speed drive, so you’ll be able to operate at a ground-speed that you find most comfortable; and which will deliver the best results for any given terrain and grass-type; and it gives you the choice of six preset cutting-heights (28 – 92mm) that can be selected without fuss using a single centralised lever.So as to help save space in your shed or car-boot, this model has been fitted with a fully foldable handlebar.It’s driven by a beefy 180cc Kawasaki four-stroke engine, so powerful performance is assured; and it’s built around a robust steel cutter-deck that confers impressive strength and durability. Also featured is a capacious 70-litre grass-collector with a handy ‘bag full’ indicator that works to prevent overfilling and the subsequent blocking of the exit chute.

MTD O38VO Petrol Scarifier

MTD O38VO Petrol Scarifier £399.00
Keep your lawn in an enviably healthy and verdant condition with this quality 38cm petrol-powered scarifier from leading brand MTD.It’s equipped with a series of robust high-grade steel blades, the working-depth of which can be adjusted via a convenient handlebar-mounted lever – with a higher setting you’ll be able to carry-out lighter-duty moss and thatch removal that will enable your lawn to breathe and thrive; while with a lower setting selected the blades will cut almost invisible slits in the turf so as to enable air and moisture to penetrate the root network. The MTD O38VO Petrol Scarifier is powered by a ThorX 35 engine; a 122cc four-stroke unit with a cord-minder for easy starting; and a dual-stage air-filter and cast-iron cylinder-sleeve for durability.An overhead-valve configuration delivers a substantial cut in emissions and fuel-consumption; while an engine-muffler works to reduce noise for a more enjoyable working experience. Thanks to its capacious 50-litre debris-bag, the MTD O38VO will enable you to get the job done in one pass with no need to rake-up when you’ve finished.Its lightweight build (30kg) and large-diameter wheels make it easy to push, even on rough ground; while its fully foldable Ergo handle ensures it will take up minimal room in your garage or shed.

MTD O34VE Electric Scarifier

MTD O34VE Electric Scarifier £199.00
Essentially a powered grass-comb, the MTD O34VE Electric Scarifier will delicately but thoroughly tease-out any accumulation of moss, thatch and weeds from your lawn surface, in turn allowing the turf to breathe and the grass to thrive.Driving the 12 double-sided scarifying blades is an electric motor (1500w) that develops the sort of power you’d expect from a smaller petrol engine, but without any of the starting and maintenance problems. A durable polypropylene housing brings impact- and rust-resistance; while a quick-release folding handlebar works to save space in your car-boot or storage area.The MTD O34VE is equipped with a large-capacity 45-litre debris-collector, so you won’t have to tidy-up with a hand-rake after scarifying.It weighs only 14kg and runs on large-diameter wheels (200mm), so it couldn’t be easier to push.