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New products at PondKeeper

by John - March 26th, 2014.
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PondKeeper has these new products today

EasyPond 10000 Pump and Filter Set

EasyPond 10000 Pump and Filter Set £169.99
Here at Pondkeeper we use our experience and expertise to provide you with the products pondkeepers want. Here, in this EXCLUSIVE set we match the legendary Pondpush 6000 pump with the easy-clean EasyFilter 12000 (both by PondXpert).
Purchasing matching components in this way saves you money and you get the reassurance that the items are correctly matched.
Save £59.96*

EasyPond 8000 Pond Pump & Filter System

EasyPond 8000 Pond Pump & Filter System £149.99
A super pressurised pond system from PondXpert that will keep your pond clean for years. The set includes the bestselling FlowMaster 5000 pump alongside the EasyFilter 9000 pressure filter.
Save £49.96 on usual price*
The pond pump supplied in this package can pump at a rate of 5000 litres per hour 24/7. The dirty water it pushes through the pond hose (supplied with set) is collected in the foams of the pressure filter. Clean water is then returned to your pond.
When the filter sponges get too dirty they can be easily cleaned by backflushing the system rreversing the pump flow direction). Any waste water will be ejected via the waste pipe when this feature is enabled.

EasyPond 3000 Pump and Filter Set

EasyPond 3000 Pump and Filter Set £99.99
We are proud to bring to you the perfect filter system for small ponds! New for 2014 we have carefully balanced quality product with the best value for money with this smashing set.
The popular Oase Pondomax 2500 filter pump has been paired with our top selling pressure filter – the PondXpert EasyFilter 4500.
The results of running this system are plain to see – clear pond water!
The set is a ‘project in a box’ as we have also thrown in pond hose and clips to join everything together!

EasyPond 2000 Pump and Filter Set

EasyPond 2000 Pump and Filter Set £89.99
New for 2014 this pump and filter set offers fantastic value for money. The set contains the Pondomax 1500 filter pump from Oase (under their Pontec brand). This pump pushes water through to the PondXpert EasyFilter 4500 Pond Filter.
Conveniently this set also includes a 5m length of 25mm hose to join the pump to the filter.
Also included are hose clips with easy-tighten butterfly handles.
This means that you have everything you need to power a pond up to 2040 litres (450 gallons).