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New products at PondKeeper

by John - April 2nd, 2014.
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New items today at PondKeeper

Velda Clear Control 100 Pond Filter with media, 55w UVC and Pondpush 17000 Pond Pump

Velda Clear Control 100 Pond Filter with media, 55w UVC and Pondpush 17000 Pond Pump £999.99
Wow – what a set this is!
This is an absolute monster of a pump and filter set – combining the super Velda 100 Clear Control Pond Filter with the 55w Velda UVC and powered by the PondXpert PondPush 17000 Pond Pump.

Blagdon Midipond 6500 Pump

Blagdon Midipond 6500 Pump £149.99
The Blagdon 6500 Midipond is one of the most powerful fountain pumps on the market today. This power can be utilised to create a large fountain display/waterfall or alternatively the fast flow rate can be divided between a number of functions such as a fountain AND a waterfall. Whatever you decide, you are in control as the flow adjuster connected to the body of the pump allows you to divert the flow up/down until you have just wjhat you need.
A lot of work has been undertaken by the folks at Blagdon to ensure that this pump is as easy to use as possible. Its cage has been specially designed to prevent solids acessing the impellor and affecting performance. This anti-clog feature means the pump will run for a long time with little maintenance being necessary. A feature backed up by the manufacturer Blagdon (part of the Interpet group) with a three year guarantee on this item.

Blagdon MidiPond 5500 Pump

Blagdon MidiPond 5500 Pump £129.99
Though supplied in the classic fountain pump design the Blagdon 5500 can be used for a variety of pond uses. The most obvious is to run the pump as a fountain – and here the pump excels with its powerful motor and long list of no less than 5 different fountain heads.
But as well as the fountain this pump has the connective ability to run many jobs simultaneously. Attach 1″ hose to the T-piece and water can be divided off to run to a pond filter or waterfall.Whatever job the Midipond 5500 is asked to do it will perform with little maintenance required. It has been carefully designed to be clog resistant to prevent the pump impellor getting bunged up with dirt. This means the pump can run continuously and why the manufacturer is so confident against defects that they include a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

Blagdon MidiPond 4500 Pump

Blagdon MidiPond 4500 Pump £109.99
The Blagdon Midipond 4500 has a larger flow rate than most other fountain pumps. It is aimed at those consumers wishing to create a large fountain display or to power a decent waterfall.
However, as the pump is supplied with a sturdy T-piece its power can be harnessed to power more than one pond application – for example this pump has enough to create a fountain display AND run a waterfall.

Bermuda Pond Gnomes - Complete Set

Bermuda Pond Gnomes – Complete Set £99.99
Colourful set of three pond gnomes from Bermuda.
These three guys will brighten up any garden pond – One is reaching into the pond, one is sat fishing and the third even has his own boat!

Blagdon Midipond Pond Pump 3500

Blagdon Midipond Pond Pump 3500 £99.99
The Midipond range from Blagdon is aimed squarely at the most poular UK pond size – approx 1500 gallons or 7000 Litres. The Blagdon Midipond 3500 can be used in a variety of applications in the pond such as:
– Pond Fountain
– To power a waterfall
– To push water to a filter box
– To power a large water feature
Indeed as this pump comes complete with a T-piece it’s flow can be divided towards a number of different jobs.

Velda Floating Koi Dome

Velda Floating Koi Dome £79.99
This is a novel new product for 2014 and allows you to view your fish in an entirely new way!
The Koi Dome from Velda floats on your pond surface and the raised part of the sphere will fill with fish that magically appear to rise off the surface!

Blagdon Minipond 2000 Fountain Pump

Blagdon Minipond 2000 Fountain Pump £59.99
The Blagdon 2000 Minipond is a versatile pond pump that can be used to power a pond fountain. It is also powerful enough to be employed with other pond tasks such as creating waterfalls or pushing water to a pond filter.

Bermuda Pond Gnome - Lazy Days

Bermuda Pond Gnome – Lazy Days £49.99
Okay we know that gnomes may not be for everyone but they made a comeback in 2013 at the Chelsea Flower Show – maybe they are due a revival!
This gnome is particularly cute and will always raise a smile. He can be positioned on the water itself or looks great besides the pond.
A fantastic gift for the water gardener in your life or perhaps a treat to brighten up your pond?