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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - April 2nd, 2014.
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PondKeeper reduced the price on these items today

Pondxpert Pondshower Pond Pump 2000

Pondxpert Pondshower Pond Pump 2000 was £34.99 now £29.99
Fantastic Value – Includes popular ‘Geyser Jet’ fountain.The geyser is a foaming jet not available with lower flow rate pumps.The Pondxpert Pondshower 2000 is perfect to create a fountain for an average sized pond. It is also powerful enough to run a waterfall at the same time. Reliable synchronous motor and easy maintenance foam-free strainer cage.

Smart Solar Solar Lily Floating Fountain

Smart Solar Solar Lily Floating Fountain was £34.99 now £29.99
Always popular floating solar fountain pump.Attractive floating fountain powered by integral solar panel.The easiest way to introduce a fountain to your pond. This solar powered pump requires no installation, requires no wiring, runs on the power of the sun – completely cost free! Simply float the unit on the water and let the sun do the rest. The pump can create a fountain up to 450mm (17 inch) high in bright sunshine. Includes a choice of 3 different fountain nozzles. Measures approx. 230mm (9¼ inch) dia.
Please note that this product requires direct sunlight to function.