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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - April 17th, 2014.
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New items added today at Suttons Seeds

Value Bedding Plants - Lucky Dip

Value Bedding Plants – Lucky Dip £24.99
This fantastic lucky dip containing 240 healthy plants has been selected from our most popular bedding plants and will include 12 different varieties to fill your beds and borders, patio pots and containers with colour throughout the summer. This has to be an encomoical way to buy your plants. Varieties will be individually labelled and may vary from those pictured.

Alcea Plants - Cabaret

Alcea Plants – Cabaret £9.99
Ideal for the smaller garden. Its branching habit produces many spikes of large, single blooms in a range of subtle colours including pink, rose, pale yellow and white. Flowers June-August. Height 120cm (4′). Back of border variety.

Campanula Plants - Rapunculoides

Campanula Plants – Rapunculoides £9.99
An outstanding campanula producing tall stems of large, blue, star-shaped, bell-flowers. It’s a vigorous grower and will bloom in its first year. Flowers June-August. Height 40-50cm (16-20). Middle of border variety.

Delphinium Plants - Summer Colours

Delphinium Plants – Summer Colours £9.99
A profusely branching, genetically compact delphinium producing masses of flowers in a range of attractive colours. Flowers July-September. Height 30cm (12). Middle of border variety.

Digitalis Plants - Dalmation

Digitalis Plants – Dalmation £9.99
Uniform in height and early flowering. Plants are nicely branched, with compact foliage, and colours including purple, cream, white, and rose. Flowers June-November. Height 40-50cm (16-20). Back of border variety.

Knautia Plants - Melton Pastels

Knautia Plants – Melton Pastels £9.99
Provides a long succession of colour, producing masses of large flowers in a mix of subtle shades, held above bushy clumps of mid green leaves. Flowers late May-September. Height 90cm (3′). Back of border variety.

Physostegia Plants - Crystal Peak

Physostegia Plants – Crystal Peak £9.99
Commonly known as the ‘Obedient plant’, this first year flowering perennial boasts an upright habit and attractive pure white blooms. Flowers July-August. Height 40cm (16). Middle of border variety.

Colour Themed Plants - Pride of Britain Collection

Colour Themed Plants – Pride of Britain Collection £9.99
Our patriotic collection contains plants of three first-class varieties (Calibrachoa Superbells Red Devil, Lobelia Panthera Cobalt and Verbena Superbena White), which will put on a spectacular summer-long display in baskets or containers.We’ve done the hard work of putting compatible varieties together, so you don’t have to!Theres currently a real trend towards colour-theming. If youre not sure about what goes with what, dont worry! Choose from the five colour-themed collections of our favourite varieties for hanging baskets and containers and you cant go wrong! Varieties may vary from those pictured.

Grafted Tomato Plants - Elegance

Grafted Tomato Plants – Elegance £9.99
A vigorous growing tomato, producing heavy trusses of standard size tomatoes of fine colour and flavour.What’s so good about grafted veg plants? We are revolutionising the home grown vegetable market with our range of grafted vegetable plants! Commercially the grafting method has been used for some time, but we’ve developed them for the home gardener, and early adopters have had extraordinary results: Big increases in yield from larger, more vigorous plants Earlier cropping, yet with sufficient vigour to crop well later in the season Grow in the greenhouse or outdoors – little or no heating required Excellent resistance to soil-borne pest and diseases – no more ring culture or grow bags – plant straight in the soil Greater tolerance to nutritional disordersTomatoes – We have selected leading commercial varieties and some traditional favourites – chosen for their fruit quality and taste – and grafted them, under carefully controlled conditions. Varieties are listed in approximate order of fruit size. Note that grafted tomatoes are not suitable for grow bags. An improved technique for tomato grafting – Since 2012, all our grafted tomato varieties now use this new technique which leads to even earlier and bigger crops, with fruiting beginning lower on the stems, producing at least one extra fruit truss per plant during the season!