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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - April 17th, 2014.
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Suttons Seeds has cut the price of this item

Poppy Planter Plus 2 Wall Planters & Seed Kit

Poppy Planter Plus 2 Wall Planters & Seed Kit was £80.00 now £69.99
Poppy Planter & 2 Wall Planters x 2 packs:POPPY PLANTERS – Don’t be confused by its odd name – our Poppy Planter is a quick, easy and very affordable way to grow your own veg, at easy working height, on a patio or balcony! Its easy-to-assemble powder-coated steel tubular frame is tough yet lightweight, and it folds flat for easy storage. The robust pre-formed liner has a sewn-in water membrane to ensure good moisture retention, and the planter has angled feet caps for greater stability. Measures 40cm (16) x 65cm (26) x 79cm (31) high. Holds approximately 50 litres of compost. Plus it comes complete with 2 Living Wall Planters! WALL PLANTERS – Ideal for flowers, herbs or salads, our Wall Planters make vertical wall gardening easy – just add compost and plants! They’re easy to mount on a wall, fence or balcony, with a simle hook system (expandable metal S hooks included) for adding more planters. They feature reinforced eylets and webbing for strength, and are lined to ensure good moisture retention.PLUS 7 Veg Seed Varieties: Tomato F1 Lizzano – Lizzano, as confirmed by Bangor University, is the most blight tolerant variety we have seen. It is a semi-determinate type producing abundant yields of tasty, high quality, bright red, baby cherry sized fruits. It is a vigorous variety with a compact, uniform trailing habit. Height and spread approximately 50cm (20). Patio type. For greenhouse crops, sow February/April under glass 18-21C (65-70F). Grow in well-prepared borders, large pots, or growing bags, removing laterals as they appear. For outdoor crops, sow April under glass 18-21C (65-70F). Grow in warm, sunny positions in well prepared, moisture retentive soil allowing 45-60cm (1-2′) between plants, and water regularly in dry periods. (16-18 weeks maturity). Packet of 7 seeds.Dwarf Bean Mascotte – Ideal for growing in window-boxes and pots, and very attractive in flower. Produces good crops of round, extra fine, absolutely stringless pods approximately 14cm in length on plants approximately 40-45cm in height. Easy to harvest because the pods are held well outside the foliage. Packet of average 110 seeds.Beetroot Boltardy – Smooth-skinned roots of fine colour, ideal for exhibition. Resistant to bolting and recommended for early sowing. Seed Tape x 1.Spring Onion Lisbon – White Lisbon is an ever popular spring onion, very quick growing, with silvery skin and mild flavour. No thinning required. Seed Tape x 1.Radish French Breakfast – French Breakfast 3 produces solid, sweet, cylindrical crimson and white radishes. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Seed Tape x 1.Salad Italian – Grow nutritious mixed salad leaves with this Italian Mix on a biodegradable tape. Contains Italian Parsley, Rocket, Sweet Basil, Lettuce, Radicchio and Broccoli. It couldn’t be easier to grow your own salad. Seed Tape x 1.Carrot Early Nantes – Early Nantes 5 is a suberb tasting carrot that’s excellent for successional sowing, or in frames or under cloches for early roots. Suitable for salads, cooking or freezing. Seed Tape x 1.SEED TAPES – Suttons Groweasy Seed Tapes are just the thing for you. Pre-spaced seed in a tape – less thinning out! 5m (16′) of bio-degradable tape per pack. Simply prepare your soil, draw out a groove, roll out your tape, cover with soil, water well and watch your seedlings grow! Growing instructions on packet.