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You’d need a big lawn for one of these

by Diane - April 22nd, 2014.
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You would need a seriously big lawn to justify your purchase of one of these. It’d also need a big shed to live in!
Could this be the ultimate ride on mower?

Stiga Titan 740DCR Ride-On Lawnmower with Air-Conditioned Cab & Road-Kit (Excluding Deck)
This premium-grade ride-on from Stiga offers fantastic construction-quality and a host of convenience- and comfort-enhancing features including an air-conditioned cab for all-weather operation and a built-in road kit for travelling between sites or working along the road side on banks and verges.Driving the Stiga Titan 740DCR is a very high-performance 22.2kW (1331cc) triple-cylinder diesel engine that delivers huge amounts of torque across the power-band; and which is water cooled to ensure a long life in the face of intensive use. A five-inch dry-type dual air-filter contributes further to engine-life; while a roomy 42-litre fuel-tank facilitates all-day working with no need to top-up at any point.A unique machine, the Stiga Titan 740DCR Ride-On Lawnmower combines a front-cut deck with fully articulated steering.The front-cut deck makes it possible to mow under fences and low-hanging trees; and also gives the driver an unhindered view of the intended cutting-path for ultra-precise results.The articulated steering system ensures the path of the front-wheels is followed exactly by the rear-wheels, leaving you free to concentrate on the cutter-deck without having to worry what the rear half of the machine is doing – great when negotiating obstacle-packed areas.The Stiga Titan 740DCR features a permanently-engaged hydraulic 4WD transmission that means you’ll never be defeated by adverse weather or challenging terrain.Not just a mower, the Titan 740DCR is compatible with a range of implements that will see you get the most from your purchase all year round.A powerful front headlight will enable you to continue work when the light’s poor; while a fully-welded steel chassis confers unrivalled strength and durability. This model can be used with a 125cm, 135cm or 155cm deck, with all of them able to rear-discharge or mulch.