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New products at GreenFingers

by John - April 30th, 2014.
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New items today at GreenFingers

Westland Sure Start Fast-Acting Lawn Seed 30m

Westland Sure Start Fast-Acting Lawn Seed 30m £9.99
The Sure Start Fast-Acting Lawn Seed is the ideal quick way to a luscious lawn.What makes this different from other grass seed on the market? Using a blend of quick growing and hard wearing grasses Sure Start Fast Acting Lawn seed will produce a quality lawn in just 10 days with grass starting to appear in only 4-6 days under optimal conditions. The secret is not only in the blend of seeds but in the specially formulated coating that each seed receives. This is a micro-nutrient coating which attracts and holds moisture while the plant hormones stimulate growth and the nutrients help with strong healthy root growth. These 3 components will help to significantly improve germination and establish the seedling. Being coated means that the seeds are heavier than normal helping them bed down into the soil which also has the benefit of deterring birds from eating them. The Sure Start Fast-Acting Lawn Seed is an ideal product for either creating new lawns or for repairing existing lawns to produce a hard wearing surface ideal for family use.Sow: March-May or September-OctoberApplication Rate: 33g/m for new lawns 25g/m for repairs

Vitax Green Up Mossfree - 1 kg

Vitax Green Up Mossfree – 1 kg £5.99
This Vitax Green Up Mossfree is a fast acting iron-based mosskiller suitable with all lawn types. The formula quickly blackens and kills moss while also strengthening the grass plants improving their colour and boosting its immunity to disease. It should be used in Spring or Autumn when the soil is most moist and can be applied through either a watering can using a rose attachment or a sprayer. Made with ferrous sulphate which is a lawn conditioner and effective moss destroyer it is recommended that dead moss should be removed with thorough raking after seven days. Vitax who work closely with The National Forest are well-known for their quality lawn care products and the Mossfree will aid the cause in terms of freshening up your outdoor area and iron out those blemishes on your lawn. The 1kg size treats 83m2.

Westland Lawn Sand 20kg

Westland Lawn Sand 20kg £9.99
To help control moss and create a healthier lawn use Westland Lawn Sand. The specially formulated granules kill moss and promote stronger healthier growth in your grass by combining 2 products that will help condition your lawn. The nitrogen based fertiliser helps to feed the grass while the ferrous sulphate is fast acting and deals with the moss killing it and turning it black.Use year round for the perfect greener healthier lawn.Coverage: 178m²Contents: 20kg Always read the label. and take care when handling fertilisersDo not apply on wet or damp grass or in frost or drought conditions. Contains Ferrous Sulphate.

Greenfingers Hexagonal Greenhouse - 3 Tier Medium

Greenfingers Hexagonal Greenhouse – 3 Tier Medium £13.49
Ideal for smaller garden or where space is limited this Greenfingers Hexagonal Greenhouse makes a great choice. Compact in size this mini greenhouse has 3 tiers for your pots or seed trays and is ideal for growing plants whatever the weather. This mini greenhouse has a green powder-coated steel frame sturdy shelves and a clear PVC cover with zips for easy access. Overall dimensions: 35 x 35 x 150cm high Each side measures 35cm Colour: green

Westland Aftercut 3 day Green Lawn Feed Even-Flo Refill 80m

Westland Aftercut 3 day Green Lawn Feed Even-Flo Refill 80m £8.99
Westlands Aftercut 3-Day Green Lawn Feed Even-Flo Refill has been developed to be used with the unique and clever ball-design spreader which makes this product one of the easiest ways to a lush green lawn.Specially formulated to feed and condition your lawn with visible results in 3 days this lawn feed does not require watering in and has been formulated so that it will not scorch your existing lawn. The granular formula means that when used in conjunction with the innovative spreader you get a good even coverage with minimum waste. Children and pet safe Coverage: 80 m NPK: 3-1-3 + 2Fe +1MgCustomer Notice: Spreader is not included with this refill pack. Always read the label

Westland Natures Haven Easy Wildflower Mix 1.5kg

Westland Natures Haven Easy Wildflower Mix 1.5kg £7.99
This Natures Haven Easy Wildflowers Mix is an ideal mix of easy to grow wildflowers which have been selected to attract bees butterflies and other beneficial insects into your garden! This fabulous easy to use 2-in-1 mix has a blend of free-flowering countryside seeds and granular compost which you simply scatter on the desired beds lightly rake in water and in no time at all you will have a natural flower display that will attract all the beneficial insects to your garden. With bee and butterfly species declining it will really help these wonderful insects if part of your garden could become a sanctuary for them. Coming in an easy to use pouch which can be re-sealed means that you do not have to do all your planting in one day. If you plant up one bed you can close the pouch and come back to it later on safe in the knowledge that the seeds have been kept protected from pests and moisture.Sow when risk of frost has passed Contents: 1.5kg. Corn Poppy Corn Marigold Cornflower and Ox-Eye Daisy.RHS Perfect for Pollinators Certified.Easy to useCoverage: 6m². Enough for 3 flower beds.We are facing a fundamental problem with the decline of bees and other pollinators. They have an absolutely crucial role in pollinating many of our important crops – without them we will face higher food costs and potential shortages.Professor Douglas Kell – BBSRC Chief Executive

Vitax Organic Liquid Strawberry Feed - 1 lt

Vitax Organic Liquid Strawberry Feed – 1 lt £4.99
The Vitax Organic Liquid Strawberry Feed can provide a steady supply of natural nutrients and promote healthy growth for your strawberries and other soft fruits. High in potash (potassium) the fertiliser can lead to bumper crops and is especially impressive when used with strawberry tubs. For best results apply in Spring and throughout the growing season remembering to dilute in accordance with the packaging instructions.

Smartedge - 5m Pack

Smartedge – 5m Pack £17.99
The easy way to create neat shaped or straight lawn borders! Smartedge uses its patented A-Frame design to bind itself into the roots of the lawn itself as the grass grows through it forming a permanent structural and maintenance-free barrier which you can mow straight over right to the edge.Being totally flexible it will fit any shaped lawn edge and once installed removes the need to continually maintain lawn borders. Made from UV and frost proof polypropylene it will not crack or fade. When installing you only need to pin every third or fourth frame. This 5m pack has approximately 120 A sections and comes with 60 pins. Depth 14cm x Width 1.9mmClick here for Instructions. Requires Adobe Reader.

Westland Growmore Garden Fertiliser 3.5kg

Westland Growmore Garden Fertiliser 3.5kg £5.99
The Growmore Garden Fertiliser makes an ideal base and top dressing to provide your plants with much needed nutrients for strong healthy growth. What makes growmore so special is that it is fast acting and has all the balanced nutrients required by plants for increased growth abundant flowering and good fruit crops. Nitrogen: For active leaf and stem growthPhosphorous: For strong healthy rootingPotash: For healthy growth flowering fruit development and disease resistanceOne of the benefits of using Growmore is that it is safe to use near children and pets meaning you can get on with your gardening safe in the knowledge that your wee ones are not going to come to any harm. Contents; 3.5kgNPK: 7-7-7 Always read the label

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