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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - June 11th, 2014.
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MowDirect just added these new items

Tanaka TCH22ECP2 (78) Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Tanaka TCH22ECP2 (78) Petrol Hedge Trimmer £389.00
Tanaka’s petrol hedgetrimmers are considered by many to be the best available, and as such will prove an invaluable purchase whether you’re a professional gardener or domestic topiary fan.Powering it is an advanced 21.1cc Tanaka PureFire engine; a 0.87hp two-stroke unit that’s characterised by its powerful cutting ability; superior fuel-efficiency; and low-emission operation without any drop in performance.A front-positioned exhaust outlet provides a more pleasant working environment by ensuring gases and heat are ejected away from the operator’s body; while Tanaka’s renowned S-Start recoil mechanism facilitates low-effort pull-starts by significantly reduced resistance in the starter-cord.It’s equipped with an extra-long twin-sided, double-reciprocating blade-set (78cm), so you’ll be able to zip around an expansive hedge with speed and efficiency; and it boasts a generous 35mm tooth-pitch, so large-diameter twigs can be tamed without fear of twisting and unsightly bruising. The Tanaka TCH22ECP2 (78) Petrol Hedge Trimmer weighs a mere 5.2kg and has been equipped with a series of sprung vibration-damping mounts; a combination that ensures you’ll be able to finish large-scale jobs with minimum strain on your hands and arms.

Greenworks G-MAX 50Li-40V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Twin-Force Cordless Lawnmower (25367) (Showroom Model)

Greenworks G-MAX 50Li-40V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Twin-Force Cordless Lawnmower (25367) (Showroom Model) £379.00
With the Greenworks Twin Force mower you can now enjoy the benefits of low cost and noise-free battery-powered mowing on medium-large lawns and wave goodbye to smoky engines and unplanned trips to the petrol station.Greenworks 40V lithium-ion cordless mowers offer instant power at the press of a button without the need for fuelling up or yanking at a pull cord.Best of all, because they employ the most advanced battery and motor technology available, these mowers cost just a few pounds to run each season and you won’t be landed with a hefty service bill at the end of the year.The Greenworks G-MAX 50Li-40V Lithium-Ion Mower provides the power you need to take on any lawn up to 2000 sq m and thanks to its ultra-efficient twin bladed cutting system you can enjoy virtually continuous mowing by alternating between the two 40V batteries supplied with the machine.Another unique feature of this mower is its ‘Power Save’ system which raises and lowers the power output (and the speed of the blades) according to conditions. This means you are never wasting an unnecessary output from the battery and can mow for longer on one charge. Greenworks make premium quality garden equipment and this Twin Force cordless mower is no exception. Start with the spring-assisted central height adjuster: it’s metal with a comfort grip handle and makes changing the height setting incredibly easy. The body of the machine is made from a stylish yet highly durable polymer that will never rust or dent. And the handles are solid steel with full-width bale arm and soft grip for comfort and control. (They are also height-adjustable to suit the size of the operator and fully collapsible for compact storage.)Other premium features include a quality canvas grass collector with hard top that will pack in the grass and prevent dust rising in drier conditions. A grass-bag full indicator lets you know when to empty without having to stop and check resulting in shorter mowing times.This mower can also be used as a mulcher (plug supplied) enabling you to undertake collection-free mowing on lawns in super-quick time whilst for areas of rough you can simply cut and drop. The high-wheel design on this model makes it easier to manoeuvre on uneven ground.A striping mat helps to create a pleasing finish and the gentle hum of the motor means you won’t annoy the neighbours even if you make an early start!

Mitox 750DX Premium + Petrol Hedgetrimmer

Mitox 750DX Premium + Petrol Hedgetrimmer £279.00
Mitox’s Premium + range hedgetrimmers are characterised by their superior build-quality, lightweight handling and attractive price-point; and as such will appeal to the more discerning domestic topiarist. Driving it is a high-powered 0.87hp (22.2cc) air-cooled two-stroke engine that combines Mitox’s SmartPull technology with an auto-return choke to ensure the ignition process is as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.A top-quality Japanese Walbro carburettor works to optimise combustion; while a roomy 0.44-litre tank will keep you going for long periods between breaks for refuelling. The Mitox 750DX Premium + Petrol Hedgetrimmer is ultra-lightweight (5.4kg) and employs Mitox’s high-specification four-point anti-vibration system; a combination that delivers high levels of user-comfort for the duration of the task.Elongated 75cm double-sided, double-reciprocating blades ensure a super-fast work-rate and a superbly neat, bruise-free cut; while a 180˚ adjustable ErgoTwist rear-handle makes it easy to trim awkwardly-shaped hedges.

Mitox 650DX Premium + Petrol Hedgetrimmer

Mitox 650DX Premium + Petrol Hedgetrimmer £249.00
With this premium-range petrol hedgetrimmer from Mitox at your disposal, you’ll be able to achieve superb results on larger plants with supreme speed and efficiency.Making it tick is a highly efficient 0.87hp (22.2cc) two-stroke air-cooled engine that’s equipped with Mitox’s advanced SmartPull system; a useful feature that means you’ll be able to achieve ignition with a super-gentle pull of the starter-cord. An auto-return choke makes the ignition process simple; while a high-volume 0.44-litre fuel-tank will see you get plenty of work done between interruptions for topping-up.The Mitox 650DX Premium + Petrol Hedgetrimmer has been equipped with a pair of lengthy 61cm blades, which have been laser-cut from specially hardened-steel for superior durability and impressive sharpness.The blades’ dual-reciprocating action ensures branches won’t be twisted or chewed as they’re cut; while their double-sided design means you can cut both left and right for a rapid work-rate.Thanks to its ErgoTwist rear-handle and ultra-lightweight design (5.2kg), the Mitox 650DX Premium + will prove comfortable to use, no matter what the shape of the hedge confronting you. Also contributing to user-comfort is a high-spec four-point shock-absorbing system that keeps vibration transfer from the transmission and engine at pleasingly manageable levels.

Mitox 600DX Premium Petrol Hedgetrimmer

Mitox 600DX Premium Petrol Hedgetrimmer £209.00
Aimed at exacting homeowners and semi-pro gardeners, this powerful but lightweight petrol hedgetrimmer from Mitox has been readied for the new growing season with the addition of numerous new features. It comes equipped with a high-capacity 25.4cc (1.14hp) air-cooled two-stroke engine that’s fitted with a capacious 0.33-litre fuel-tank to keep you going for longer; and which employ’s Mitox’s SmartPull recoil-assist system, whereby the lightest of pulls will see the engine spark into life.The Mitox 600DX Petrol Hedgetrimmer boasts a pair of top-quality steel blades (61cm), which are dual-reciprocating for a fast, clean cut – even in thick, woody growth.The blades are double-sided, so you can cut both ways for a faster work-rate; and they’re made from specially-hardened steel for impressive durability and long periods between sharpening. Offering well thought-out ergonomics, the Mitox 600DX combines an optimised centre-of-gravity with high-specification vibration-damping and a low-weight build (5.4kg) to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy long periods of comfortable, low-fatigue hedgetrimming.

Mitox 700SX Premium Petrol Hedgetrimmer

Mitox 700SX Premium Petrol Hedgetrimmer £209.00
Maintain your hedges like a professional with the powerful and ergonomically optimised Mitox 700SX.It’s fitted with a single-sided blade; the sort preferred by commercial landscapers as they allow for a longer reach without adding much extra weight. The blades on this model measure an expansive 75cm, so the rapid coverage of large hedges is assured; and they’re made from premium hardened-steel for impressive sharpness and superior durability.Powering the Mitox 700SX Petrol Hedgetrimmer is a high-performance 1.14hp air-cooled two-stroke engine with a substantial 25.4cc cylinder-displacement; and which utilises Mitox’s SmartPull recoil-ignition system for practically effort-free pull-starts.A large-capacity 0.33-litre fuel-tank ensures top-up stops will be infrequent; while a cuttings deflector works to keep the work-area free of debris. With its lightweight build (5.3kg); high-specification anti-vibration system; and optimised centre-of-gravity, the Mitox 700SX is hard to beat when it comes to comfort and ease-of-handling.

Mitox 60HTD Select Petrol Hedgetrimmer

Mitox 60HTD Select Petrol Hedgetrimmer £169.00
Powerful performance, lightweight-handling and superior ergonomics are the key characteristics of this semi-pro-grade petrol hedgetrimmer from Mitox. It’s fitted with a pair of expansive 68cm double-sided blades that ensure a fast work-rate on substantial plants; and which are dual-reciprocating for a super-clean cut with none of the twisting and tearing that can lead to bruising and infection.The Mitox 60HTD Petrol Hedgetrimmer is driven by a beefy 1hp two-stroke engine which you’ll find dependable, easy to start and cheap to run.A 0.65-litre fuel-tank will see you cover plenty of hedge between breaks for refuelling; while a twist-grip rear-handle provides a comfortable working-position for whatever hedge-shape you’re confronted with.Weighing only 5.9kg and employing heavy-duty anti-vibration measures, the Mitox 60HTD will remain comfortable and easy-to-handle for the duration of the task in hand.

Mitox 25C Petrol Grass-Trimmer

Mitox 25C Petrol Grass-Trimmer £119.00
Equipped with a dependable and easy-starting 25.4cc engine, The Mitox 25C Petrol Grass-Trimmer is ideal for light-duty trimming and edge-work. Its ultra-lightweight design (only 5.1kg), ergonomic ‘loop’ handle and comprehensive vibration-isolation all combine to ensure you can work for as long as you need to, with minimal fatigue. The Mitox 25C also features a handy bump-feed nylon-line head. This provides a simple solution to the flaw inherent in manual-feed heads, as there is no need to set the trimmer down to reel-out fresh-line.

Mountfield Deflector - for 102cm & 122cm cut models (99900016/0) (Ex-Demo)

Mountfield Deflector – for 102cm & 122cm cut models (99900016/0) (Ex-Demo) £69.00
This deflector will enable your Mountfield ride-on to operate without the catcher, with clippings instead being discharged directly back onto the lawn surface. For use with 102cm and 122cm TC models.Suitable for 1840H, 2240H, 2248H and 2448H-4WD.

Greenworks 24v Cordless Two-Speed Leaf Blower (24127) (Showroom Model)

Greenworks 24v Cordless Two-Speed Leaf Blower (24127) (Showroom Model) £59.00
When you need to clear leaves from your lawn, to prevent damage and allow water and nutrients in, or from your patio to tidy up and prevent slip hazards, you need a lightweight, powerful and easy to use blower. Petrol machines can be messy, heavy, noisy expensive and the fumes are bad for your health, cables get tangles up and many batteries are far too heavy, lose their power when not is use and just don’t last for long enough. The revolutionary Greenworks lithium-ion batteries in this blower are very different, and give you real power with real freedom. Thanks to these cutting edge batteries, the Greenworks 24v Cordless Two-Speed Leaf Blower will run for longer, up to 25 minutes continuous use in fact, more than 30% more than conventional batteries. These batteries will charge quicker and the blower will never lose power when not in use used, so total continuous run time means just that. In other words, if you have ten minutes run time left when you switch off, that’s exactly what you’ve got when you start again next time