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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - June 11th, 2014.
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Reduced items at MowDirect

Tanaka TCG-22EAS Petrol Brushcutter

Tanaka TCG-22EAS Petrol Brushcutter was £199.00 now £189.00
Gardeners needing to regularly tackle challenging grass-trimming and vegetation clearance jobs in the domestic arena should take a good look at this super lightweight petrol brushcutter from Tanaka.Powering it is an advanced 22cc (0.9hp) Tanaka Pure Fire engine; a high-specification two-stroke power-pack that offers the sort of fuel-economy and emission-output you’d expect from a mini four-stroke unit, but with far less weight. Tanaka’s S-Start ignition system makes starting practically effort-free.The Tanaka TCG-22EAS Petrol Brushcutter is ideally balanced; weighs a mere 4.4kg; and comes with a shoulder strap – a combination that makes it perfect for those more time-consuming jobs.An ergonomic ‘loop-and-bar’ handle delivers superior control and manoeuvrability; while a heavy-duty 24mm-diameter shaft confers exceptional durability (this model has a five-year home-use warranty).Also featured is a nylon-line cutter-head with a Tap ‘n’ Go mechanism that will see fresh cord fed-out with a simple tap of the head on ground.

Mitox 266-LRH Long-Reach Petrol Hedgetrimmer

Mitox 266-LRH Long-Reach Petrol Hedgetrimmer was £229.00 now £199.00
The Mitox 266-LRH Long-Reach Petrol Hedgetrimmer is driven by a powerful and ultra-reliable 25.4 full-crank engine – a feature normally associated with more expensive models. This fast-working hedgetrimmer is equipped with a set of 40cm double-sided blades, which speed-up the process by allowing you to cut in both directions. In addition, the blades are dual-reciprocating, further improving cutting-efficiency. A practical and easy-to-use machine, the Mitox 266-LRH has an articulating cutter-head, a feature that allows you to work at the most comfortable and convenient angle for the task in hand. Despite its powerful engine and long-reach design, the Mitox 266-LRH weighs just 6.1kg. Its lightweight build combines with vibration-reduction and an ergonomic soft-grip handle to operator fatigue is kept to an absolute minimum. Optional attachments include a 10\” Chain Pruner (turns this machine into a powered pole pruner) and a loop-handle Brushcutter Kit.

Mitox 7000-HTSX Single-Sided Petrol Hedgetrimmer (70cm Blade)

Mitox 7000-HTSX Single-Sided Petrol Hedgetrimmer (70cm Blade) was £209.00 now £199.00
Single-sided hedgetrimmers, such as this one from Mitox, are often favoured by professional users as they’re lightweight and easy to manoeuvre accurately across the hedge (this model weighs just 5.3kg). The Mitox 7000-HTSX is driven by a high-performance 0.85kW power-unit with a full crankshaft for a longer engine-life and more efficient power-transfer. A primer-bulb and choke starter combine to ensure you’ll have no trouble getting the trimmer started, even in difficult conditions. The Mitox 7000-HTSX Single-Sided Petrol Hedgetrimmer benefits from comprehensive vibration-damping that works with its lightweight-build and ergonomic handle-layout to keep operator-fatigue at bay during lengthy sessions. Its generously-sized 70cm blades are dual-reciprocating and have been specially hardened so they’ll stay sharp for longer and will cut quickly and efficiently without damaging the hedge. An inbuilt deflector on the blades stops clippings allows for easy clearance and collection of cuttings.

Tanaka THT-2100S Hedgecutter (Special Offer)

Tanaka THT-2100S Hedgecutter (Special Offer) was £285.00 now £249.00
This high-specification petrol hedgetrimmer from Tanaka offers commercial-grade features and build-quality at a price justifiable for the keen domestic gardener. Making it tick is a premium-quality 22cc Tanaka engine that has been equipped with Sure-Start for less strenuous pull-starts, and which is around 44% quieter in operation than other two-stroke engines thanks to Tanaka’s Sound Reduction System. Engine features include a Walbro carburettor (with fuel-pump) that combines with a transistorised ignition to ensure starting is consistently reliable; and a forged-steel connector-rod for an impressively long service-life (a chrome-plated cylinder-sleeve further aids durability). So as to facilitate a speedy work-rate, Tanaka have fitted this model with a pair of 55cm double-sided blades. The dual-reciprocating action and expansive 35mm tooth-pitch of the blades ensures even large-diameter growth can be cut through quickly and cleanly. The Tanaka THT-2100S Hedgecutter benefits from having a Quick-Twist™ rear-handle, which rotates through five-stages to suit the nature of the application. Weighing-in at just 4.4kg, the Tanaka THT-2100S is one of the lightest petrol hedgecutters in production.

Masport 250 ST SP Combination Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Masport 250 ST SP Combination Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower was £269.00 now £249.00
Built with longevity to the fore and bristling with high-end features, this impressive petrol rotary mower from Masport is one of the best machines in its class and price-bracket.Exceptionally versatile, it offers the following three cutting modes: mulch; bag; rear-discharge. Mulching naturally nourishes the turf and is most effective on very short grass; bagging is ideal for mid-length grass; and rear-discharge comes into its own when the grass has become that bit too long to bag successfully. The Masport 250 ST SP Combination Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower comes powered by a Briggs & Stratton 500-Series engine; a 158cc four-stroke overhead-valve unit with a Lo-Tone muffler for a less stressful engine-sound; and an oil-foam air-filter and Dura-Lube Splash Lubrication for optimum long-term reliability. A self-propelled machine, the Masport 250 ST SP excels when it comes to slopes and rough, undulating ground.It has single-lever, spring-assisted height-of-cut control (10-70mm), so you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments in a flash; and it features double-ball-bearing-mounted wheels for enhanced durability and a smooth run on bumpy terrain.The roomy 46-litre grassbag supplied with this 46cm model is made from breathable fabric that lets air escape, thereby enabling the maximum amount of grass-clippings to be packed-in.Also key on the Masport 250 ST SP is the strong and durable power-coated steel mower-deck.

Tanaka THT-240 Hedge Cutter (Special Offer)

Tanaka THT-240 Hedge Cutter (Special Offer) was £319.00 now £289.00
This commercial-duty hedgecutter from Tanaka is characterised by its single-sided blade, which allows for a larger cut with less weight than a comparable double-sided model (it weighs just 4.9kg). Power for the substantial 76cm blade is delivered by a low-emission 22cc two-stroke engine, which incorporates Tanaka’s Sound Reduction System for ultra-low-noise operation. There’s also a transistorised electronic ignition and a premium-grade Walbro carburettor for ultra-reliable starts; and a forged-steel connector-rod and chromed cylinder-lining for exceptional long-term dependability. The Tanaka THT-240 Hedgecutter has been equipped with a Quick-Twist™ five-stage adjustable rear-handle, which makes shaping and vertical cutting a whole lot more comfortable. Its even weight distribution works to optimise control and manoeuvrability; while its ergonomic front/rear handle configuration ensures you’ll always have a strong, positive grip.

Masport 350-ST SP Combo Power-Driven 3-in-1 Petrol Lawn Mower

Masport 350-ST SP Combo Power-Driven 3-in-1 Petrol Lawn Mower was £329.00 now £299.00
The Masport 350-ST SP Combo Power-Driven 3-in-1 Petrol Lawn Mower gives you three modes of operation – collection, rear-discharge and mulching. Great for regularly maintained lawns, mulching means clippings are re-cut and returned to the lawn where they rapidly rot and disappear, simultaneously nourishing the grass and removing the need to keep stopping to empty the collector. With its extremely reliable Briggs & Stratton 500 Series engine, 46cm cutting-width and self-drive system, the Masport 350-ST SP Combo is a fast, efficient way to look-after a medium-sized lawn. Its adjustable height-of-cut can be set as low as 10mm for a beautifully neat finish; while its Dual Mowzone design extends the blade-coverage beyond the wheels, allowing you to mow right up to walls, kerbs and fences. Built around a rugged pressed-steel chassis and using only high-quality components, the Masport 350-ST SP has been designed to give years of trouble-free service. Other key benefits include a washport, which allows you to keep the underside of the deck clean for maximum performance; and a generous 46-litre grass-collector, made from robust plastic for added durability. Masport’s Quick-Cut blade ensures superb performance in both collection and mulching modes.Uniquely this mower has a handle which stands upright when in storage mode, drastically reducing the space this mower will take up in your shed or outbuilding.

Tanaka THT-2520S Hedge Cutter (Special Offer)

Tanaka THT-2520S Hedge Cutter (Special Offer) was £399.00 now £349.00
Built to exacting standards and packed with premium features, the Tanaka THT-2520S is one of the finest domestic-use hedgetrimmers currently in production. Suitable for large-scale trimming and shaping applications, it’s fitted with a set of extra-long 76cm blades that are double-sided for the rapid completion of any given task. The tooth-pitch is a generous 35cm, so thick, woody growth can be tackled with confidence. The Tanaka THT-2520S Hedgecutter offers optimised weight-distribution and weighs just 4.9kg; a combination that allows for long periods of virtually fatigue-free use. A five-step adjustable Quick-Twist™ rear-handle gives enhanced control and manoeuvrability, thereby making the creation of intricate shapes much simpler. Power for this model comes from a very high-performance 26cc two-stroke motor that’s characterised by its clean-running, low noise operation (Tanaka’s Sound Reduction System lessens sound-output by an impressive 44%). Engine features include Sure-Start, which drastically reduces the force that has to be applied to the starter mechanism; and a chrome-lined cylinder for dependable performance in the face of continuous periods of heavy-duty use.

Tanaka TBC270PFDS Brushcutter

Tanaka TBC270PFDS Brushcutter was £385.00 now £359.00
The Tanaka TBC270PFDS Brushcutter offers one of the most impressive power-to-weight ratios of any machine in its class, and as a result will make light work of any heavily overgrown areas around your property. It’s driven by a very high-performance 27cc two-stroke engine that develops a beefy 1.4hp, and which utilises Tanaka’s PureFire technology, whereby the emission of harmful exhaust particulates is drastically cut. A chrome-plated, stress relieved cylinder works to maximise engine-life; while Tanaka’s S-Start system means the action of the recoil-starter is particularly soft and smooth. Featuring a solid-steel drive-shaft for optimum torque transfer, the Tanaka TBC270PFDS Brushcutter will scythe effortlessly through dense vegetation. It comes with a nylon-line head as well as a metal blade, so you’ll also be able to take-on lighter-duty grass-trimming and edging jobs; and it’s fitted with a pro-grade ‘U’-type handlebar, which not only aids manoeuvrability, but also helps to keep user-fatigue at bay for longer. The unit’s full anti-vibration system and very low-weight build (4.6kg) contribute further to operator-comfort.