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New products at GreenFingers

by John - June 22nd, 2014.
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GreenFingers has these new items today

Irrigatia Automatic Watering System | Solar Irrigation System

Irrigatia Automatic Watering System | Solar Irrigation System £69.99
This unique fully automatic watering system is the perfect solution for irrigating plants from your water butt or similar non-pressured water supply. If you have an allotment or are taking a well deserved holiday this could be a life saver for your plants. Easily water your hanging baskets greenhouse treasures or vegetable patch with this intelligent system. Establish trees or specimen plants with minimal supervision. Simply insert the feeder tube into the water butt arrange the drip tube as required and switch on the unit. The unit will water automatically every 3 hours and the amount of water released varies depending upon the amount of sunlight detected and the position of the control knob. It will always apply more water in sunnier conditions when your plants need it most and you will find your garden will flourish with the regular accurate and direct application of water. Each unit can feed up to 36 drippers (12 supplied) can drip water up to 4m above the water source and is able to supply enough water for 5 large hanging baskets or 36 x 5 litre pots. This is an amazing eco-friendly device- solar powered and making full use of collected rainfall or grey water. A gardening innovation that will get the very best results and doesn

Gardena Comfort Adjustable Shower Spray Gun

Gardena Comfort Adjustable Shower Spray Gun £8.99
This Gardena Comfort Adjustable Shower Spray Gun is perfect for cleaning and gentle watering. This spray gun has 3 spray patterns; soft spray mist spray and hard jet so you are sure to find one to suit your needs. Manufactured from soft plastic components for additional comfort this gun also features a soft plastic ring at the sprayer head to protect it against damage. This spray gun has a fully adjustable flow rate and an ergonomic on / off trigger with a lock again aiding in your comfort if using over a longer period of time. Overall dimensions: 14 x 3.5 x 22.5cm high Included is a FREE hose nozzle

Outdoor LED Candle Set with Remote Control

Outdoor LED Candle Set with Remote Control £14.99
Perfect for adding a touch of ambience to your outdoor experience this Outdoor LED Candle Set is battery operated and even has a remote control. As night falls just sit back and enjoy the warm glow of the candles as they provide a realistic flickering effect. Ideal for intimate al fresco dining.They come with an on/off switch at the bases which can also be operated with the remote control. The remote control even has a timer function so that you can the lights to stay on for six hours.Indoor or outdoor useRemote control requires 1 x CR2025 battery which is supplied Each candle requires 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied)Approximate dimensions:Small: 7.5cm diameter x H7.5cmMedium: 7.5cm diameter x H15cmLarge: 7.5cm diameter x H20cm

Smartedge - 5m Pack

Smartedge – 5m Pack £17.99
The easy way to create neat shaped or straight lawn borders! Smartedge uses its patented A-Frame design to bind itself into the roots of the lawn itself as the grass grows through it forming a permanent structural and maintenance-free barrier which you can mow straight over right to the edge.Being totally flexible it will fit any shaped lawn edge and once installed removes the need to continually maintain lawn borders. Made from UV and frost proof polypropylene it will not crack or fade. When installing you only need to pin every third or fourth frame. This 5m pack has approximately 120 A sections and comes with 60 pins. Depth 14cm x Width 1.9mmClick here for Instructions. Requires Adobe Reader.

Joseph Bentley Apprentice Wooden Handled Broom

Joseph Bentley Apprentice Wooden Handled Broom £14.99
This Joseph Bentley Apprentice Wooden Broom is perfect to teach your children to clean up their mess in the garden! It is ideal for general yard and patio maintenance. Comprising of a carefully finished solid oak wooden shaft with a screw in head attachment this wooden broom is lightweight and sturdy.The Gardener

Vitax Organic 2 in 1 Concentrate - 250ml

Vitax Organic 2 in 1 Concentrate – 250ml £7.99
The Vitax Organic 2 in 1 Concentrate is both a pest and disease control and is effective against a wide range of insects. An organic blend of natural plant and fish oils effective against not only insects but a number of fungal diseases. It can also safely be used on most ornamental fruit salad and vegetable plants. The concentrate mixed should be mixed and applied as a fine spray covering both sides of the foliage. Some persistent insects may require three or more treatments at weekly intervals until the infestation has been fully controlled. Post-infestation however the Organic 2 in 1 can be employed as a monthly preventative spray to prevent future similar issues.

Greenfingers Garden Armchair Cushion in Candy Stripes - 47.5 x 47.5cm

Greenfingers Garden Armchair Cushion in Candy Stripes – 47.5 x 47.5cm £9.99
In candy stripes this Greenfingers Garden Armchair Cushion is sure to add that extra bit of comfort to your garden seat. It is manufactured from 145g/m

Contemporary Colorado Steel Chimenea - Small Metallic Blue

Contemporary Colorado Steel Chimenea – Small Metallic Blue £89.99
This contemporary metallic blue Colorado chimenea would be a striking and stylish addition in any setting. Designed to be a sleek and attractive alternative to a traditional fireplace this feature will allow you and your guests to enjoy the captivating beauty and the benefits of real living flames without compromising on style. It is the ideal way to update and enhance your garden patio or conservatory.This fantastic piece is extremely versatile with multiple fuel options allowing you to choose to use this indoors as well as outdoors too. With a heavy gauge robust steel construction it will easily withstand intense heat and the black metallic finish ensures this beautiful chimenea will not look dull and tired before it’s time. Whilst our temperamental weather may limit the use of your garden don

Greenfingers Steamer Chair Cushion in Candy Stripes

Greenfingers Steamer Chair Cushion in Candy Stripes £32.99
This attractive candy stripe Greenfingers Steamer Cushion is manufactured from 145g/m

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