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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - July 16th, 2014.
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New items today at Blooming Direct

Trailing Hardy Pansy 'Cool Wave' - pack of 12 jumbo plugs

Trailing Hardy Pansy ‘Cool Wave’ – pack of 12 jumbo plugs £14.99
A pansy that the breeder is calling The Best Trailing Pansy Ever! Quite a claim but we think so too! This amazing large-flowered series keeps flowering all winter long, and well into summer too. It is very hardy (to around -25C!), so it will withstand the worst of the winter whatever the British weather throws at it, producing endless waves of simply gorgeous flowers in shades of golden yellow, violet, mauve, berry purple and white – for nine whole months of the year – hence the name ‘Cool Wave’! They will cascade over the sides of hanging baskets and planters, providing a splash of zingy colour in the dull days of winter. Smothered in big, traditional pansy flowers, this vigorous trailer is set to make its mark on gardens everywhere – it’s a real breeding breakthrough for much better performance in hanging baskets. Grow yours on for around 4 weeks before planting into baskets in autumn then watch as you get the best winter displays youve ever had!

Polyanthus 'Crescendo Mix' pack 12 jumbo

Polyanthus ‘Crescendo Mix’ pack 12 jumbo £14.99
The latest and best Polyanthus around; a Multiflora variety and therefore incredibly prolific in flowering displays, fully winter hardy and will flower non-stop from midwinter through to late May every year. The foliage is lusciously deep-green, allowing the bright fragrant blooms to stand out brilliantly on their strong stems and for you to even take some cut posies of flower if you want to! Height 25cm (10). Easy to grow, they work best in sunny or lightly shaded spots in tubs, baskets and planters, or the front of garden borders.

Primrose 'Primlet Double Mix' pack 12 jumbo

Primrose ‘Primlet Double Mix’ pack 12 jumbo £14.99
Wave upon wave of pretty, rosebud shaped flowers appear from late winter right through to spring! One of the best rosebud forms around, this unique style of primrose adds a new twist to Spring gardens. This cheerful variety is perfect for brightening up your winter garden, and is also brilliant indoors on a windowsill! Compact and low-growing, they are perfect for flower beds and excel in patio pots. They grow to about 20cm (8).

Pansy 'Frizzle Sizzle' pack of 12 jumbo plugs

Pansy ‘Frizzle Sizzle’ pack of 12 jumbo plugs £12.99
This incredible Pansy Frizzle Sizzle mix is an exquisite and unuusal mixture of multi-layered frilly flowers, many of which have delicate ‘cats whisker’ markings. Something really different for Winter colour and interest. A dazzling array of fruity colours to brighten up your borders and patios, they will fill your garden with sweet fragrance; they are long flowering, very hardy and perfect for patio containers and flower beds or borders (plant 15cm apart). Pansy ‘Frizzle Sizzle’ are compact and will grow to about 15cm (6), and perform best in full sun or light shade.

Bellis 'Habanera Mix' pack 12 jumbo plugs

Bellis ‘Habanera Mix’ pack 12 jumbo plugs £9.99
Bellis Habanera Mix has wonderful pom pom like blooms in red, pink and white will bring an element of fun to your garden! They are equally at home in flower beds, containers and even rockeries. Flowering in Winter & Spring, perfect for planting in containers or beds.

Wallflower 'Sugar Rush Mix' pack 12 jumbo plugs

Wallflower ‘Sugar Rush Mix’ pack 12 jumbo plugs £9.99
‘Sugar Rush’ is a fantastic new British-bred Wallflower that will reliably give you two displays of vibrant colour to brighten up your garden this Autumn and Winter! It will flower this autumn around November, overwintering to flower again in the Spring! This dwarf variety is highly fragrant, and its rainbow-like mix of coloured blooms will provide a vivid display in the otherwise dreary winter months. It is very hardy and will deal with wintery conditions no-problem, and is perfect for borders or containers. Growing to about 20cm tall, it’s mass of fruit salad shades will work best in full sun or light shade, in massed plantings in pots, planters or mixed borders. Remove spent flowers to prolong displays.