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New products at GreenFingers

by John - July 16th, 2014.
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GreenFingers has these new products today

Blagdon Minipond 900 Pump

Blagdon Minipond 900 Pump £24.99
An outdoor water feature creates a peaceful oasis and an air of tranquillity promoting a relaxing environment. The gentle sound of running water enhances your surroundings. This compact pump is ideal for pebble pools small pond fountains and water features. Easy to install and maintain it is supplied with unique and comprehensive fittings to allow you to personalise your display with 3 attractive fountain head options to give you full freedom to create a spectacular focal point. There are sectional riser pipes for adjusting height to pond depth and a flow control valve. This high performance yet economical pump would be a welcome addition to any garden space. Product specifications:3 Fountain heads: Daisy Two tier Daisy Bell jets20cm extension pipeFlow control valveMax. Flow: 900L/hr (198 gal/hr)Max. Height: 2mPower: 18W

Kingfisher Traditional Wooden Bird Table

Kingfisher Traditional Wooden Bird Table £9.99
This fantastic value Kingfisher Traditional Wooden Bird Table provides your feathered friends with a safe place to feed. Let

Yeoman Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe

Yeoman Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe £22.99
The Yeoman Dutch Hoe is part of a range of stainless steel tools offering outstanding value for money with many added features and benefits.This lightweight cultivating tool is designed to be pushed or pulled through the soil to cut weeds just under the surface. Suitable for everyday garden tasks this essential tool has a polished stainless steel head to reduce resistance during use and prevent soil from sticking to the blade. Complete with a brushed aluminium shaft with double soft grips and cranked handle to reduce backache and fatigue. The ideal tool for general purpose weeding in beds and borders. Approx.Dimensions: H160 x W14 x D7cmWeight: 1.03kg To view all special offers in our garden tool department please click here

Greenfingers FSC Fir Rectangular Raised Bed - Large

Greenfingers FSC Fir Rectangular Raised Bed – Large £34.99
This large Greenfingers FSC Fir Rectangular Raised allows you to grow your own crops and makes gardening that little bit easier. Raised beds allow the roots of your chosen veggies to grow long straight and strong – which means they should thrive. A raised bed is an easy way to look after your crops and also means less strain on your joints as it can be used on a platform for gardeners who have problems kneeling down. This raised bed is made from fir that has been sourced from FSC Certified managed forests it is not only practical but also makes an attractive feature in your garden. ACQ pressure treated for durabilityDimensions: W200 x D100 x H30cmSide height not including corner part: 20cm

Greenfingers Hydrangea Garden Arch

Greenfingers Hydrangea Garden Arch £49.99
Understated and elegant in appearance this Greenfingers Hydrangea Garden Arch is sure to please. Perfect for growing plants such as honeysuckle or clematis up the sides this arch makes a great focal point. Manufactured from black power-coated steel tubular framing this arch is strong durable and weatherproof. It should look good for years to come.4 ground pegs supplied145 x 38 x 265cm high

Greenfingers FSC Fir Compost Bin - 890 Litres

Greenfingers FSC Fir Compost Bin – 890 Litres £36.99
Keep your garden tidy as well as recycling your grass clippings and food waste with this extra large Greenfingers FSC Fir Compost Bin. With a slatted design that ensures good air circulation for composting this is a simple but effective composter made from ACQ pressure treated timber pieces that simply slot together. One of the keys to composting is aeration and the exposure to air in this slatted compost bin encourages microbial activity speeding up the composting process. Manufactured from high quality fir from FSC Certified managed forests so you know this has come from a well-managed environment this compost bin is practical and will look good wherever you place it. Composting is an indispensable tool for any successful home gardener. Using a compost bin not only gives you an abundant supply of nutrient-rich soil for planting but it also provides an environmentally sound place to throw away waste food and other organic items. ACQ pressure treated for durabilityDimensions: W113 x D113 x H70cm Capacity: 890 litres Please note: Greenfingers products arrive flat packed for easy home assembly. Click here for Wood Information. Requires Adobe Reader. Click here for composting instructions. Requires Adobe Reader.

Kingfisher Premium Wooden Bird Table

Kingfisher Premium Wooden Bird Table £17.99
Entice wild birds to your garden with this superb quality Kingfisher Premium Wooden Bird Table. Ideal for attracting birds of all sizes this beautifully designed table is robust and sturdy and makes an attractive addition to any garden. The angled roof gives some protection to feeding birds from rain snow and hunting sparrowhawks. Some birds may even roost at night on the table with a roof.With disappearing habitats and climatic changes the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) both recommend the year-round feeding of garden birds to maintain a healthy and viable flock of native species. Feeding requirements are greater in late autumn and winter when natural resources are in shorter supply and high energy levels are also needed during spring when birds are busy breeding and raising young. Once you have established a feeding regime – don

Greenfingers Long Bench Cushion in Autumn Hues - 144cm

Greenfingers Long Bench Cushion in Autumn Hues – 144cm £22.99
This Greenfingers Long Bench Cushion comes in lovely autumn hues and is perfect for adding extra comfort to your garden bench. It is manufactured from 145g/m

FSC Fir Potting Table

FSC Fir Potting Table £24.99
A wonderful addition to any greenhouse patio or porch this FSC Fir Potting Table is a great gardening accessory. This table is sure to have you growing all sorts of plants and is a great place to keep all your garden essentials handy. Serious gardeners will appreciate the design of this potting table not to mention the praticalities that this potting table provides; the two shelves allow for maximum usage while the top shelf is the perfect size for mixing up plant food and getting your plants ready for potting. The lower shelf will also serve as incubating space to grow small seedlings and plants. Beautifully crafted from high quality Fir sourced from FSC Certified managed forests this potting table is sure to last you for years to come. It is also advisable to treat the wood with a good quality preservative to ensure that it lasts for many years.W77 x D37 x H89cmPlease click here for Wood Information and click here for assembly instructions. Requires Adobe Reader.

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