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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - August 22nd, 2014.
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MowDirect added hundreds of new items

Billy Goat VQ902SPH Pro Wide Area Self-Propelled Litter Vacuum

Billy Goat VQ902SPH Pro Wide Area Self-Propelled Litter Vacuum £3655.00
The VQ Pro is also available with a Honda GX 9hp Commercial Grade Engine for lower engine noise, smoother operation and easier starts. Weight 278 lbs. (IDENTICAL IN ALL OTHER RESPECTS TO VQ1002SP MODEL ABOVE.) HOSE KIT OPTIONAL – SEE BELOW. LOOK>>

Billy Goat VQ1002SP Pro Wide Area Self-Propelled Litter Vacuum

Billy Goat VQ1002SP Pro Wide Area Self-Propelled Litter Vacuum £3550.00
The undisputed heavyweight of industrial vacuums, the Billy Goat VQ PRO delivers maximum cleaning width and quiet operation. The scroll-shaped housing and six-bladed impellor reduce noise and produce impressive suction for cleaning up cans, litter, bottles, and other debris found on hard surfaces. The multi-purpose Billy Goat VQ Professional Vacuum is the largest, yet most quiet vacuum and will clean large areas in a fraction of the normal vacuuming time. At only 92 db, this vacuum is perfect for hospitals, schools, or anywhere noise levels are a concern. The VQ PRO features more horsepower (10hp Briggs & Stratton Intek IC Commercial Grade engine), adjustable wide 84cm all-steel intake nozzle, less noise, multiple forward speeds (five) with reverse, large bag capacity (top load/all felt/353 litres) & curb rollers to protect walls. The all steel nozzle adjusts for litter as common as cigarette butts or as large as one litre glass bottles. This versatile self-propelled version is equipped with a Peerless 700 transmission with differential and is perfect for turf or hard surface applications. Additional features include a 6 blade steel impellor and a steel safety chute which diverts objects downward into the bag for maximum operator safety. It will clean up to 4000m2 per hour @ 4.8km/h. Weight: 126kg. (HOSE KIT OPTIONAL – SEE BELOW.) LOOK>>

Al-Ko Powerline T20-102 HDE Lawn Tractor

Al-Ko Powerline T20-102 HDE Lawn Tractor £3379.00
This superbly well-appointed German-engineered garden tractor from Al-Ko has been developed to make the job of very large-scale lawn-maintenance more of a pleasure rather than a tiresome, time-consuming chore. Under the bonnet lies a high-performance 18.5hp (656cc) Briggs & Stratton 7200-Series Intek twin-cylinder engine; a commercial-grade power-unit that employs the classic V-Twin cylinder-layout so as to ensure exceptionally smooth; quiet; and fuel-efficient power delivery. The engine drives a hydrostatic transmission, which allows the tractor’s ground-speed to be adjusted in infinite increments using a foot-pedal – there’s no need to stop to shift gear, so obstacles and end-of-run turns can be carried-out with ease. The large-diameter, wide-profile drive-wheels will grip the turf without damaging the lawn surface, and provide stability when working on inclines. The Al-Ko T20-102 HDE Powerline Lawn Tractor is equipped with a massively capacious 300-litre grass-collector for exceptionally long intervals between each visit to the compost-heap. The collector has an audible collector-full alarm that works to prevent the discharge-chute becoming blocked; and it can be emptied electronically without leaving the driver’s seat (if the grass conditions are conducive, you can work with the mulch-plug fitted). Built around a tubular-steel space-frame, the Al-Ko T20-102 HDE is an impressively strong and durable piece of machinery. It benefits from a comprehensive dashboard display that makes it easy to keep track of performance and status (gear selection; grassbag fill-level; hour-meter; etc); and it features pair of powerful Xenon headlights that make it possible to operate safely in gloomy conditions. The extra-wide 102cm mower-deck on the Al-Ko T20-102 HDE guarantees a rapid work-rate on substantial grassed areas, and can be raised and lowered between 30 and 90mm to suit both the grass-conditions and the finish you prefer. Its user-friendly step-through design makes mounting and dismount simple; and all the controls are positioned directly to hand for maximum convenience.

Billy Goat BC2403HE Outback Rough Cut Brush Mower (Electric Start)

Billy Goat BC2403HE Outback Rough Cut Brush Mower (Electric Start) £2975.00
Billy Goat know a thing or two about rugged mowers, their equipment is high-end, heavy-duty, durable and chosen by professionals everywhere. The OBC2403HE Outback Rough Cut Brush Mower is a fine example and can clear dense vegetation including very large overgrown areas like pastures, fields, parks and orchards. It will even mow down bushes; cutting swathes through very heavy underbrush and will deal with small saplings up to five centimetres in diameter. There is a brush guard-bar at the front of the mower, if that will push the sapling, bush or other piece of vegetation over, the Outback can cut it up