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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - August 22nd, 2014.
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Loads of price cuts today at MowDirect

Einhell MSF 570 Manual Snow Plough

Einhell MSF 570 Manual Snow Plough was £25.00 now £15.00
Winters are becoming harsher and large scale snow clearing machines are getting more popular, but snow and ice know no boundaries and can cause as much chaos for the small householder as for the larger property. So what do you do? Shovelling is back breaking work but we all need to clear the snow so we can go about our business and not risk injury to our visitors or ourselves. Well, if a shovel is not quite right and a snow blower is too heavy duty, why not try this nifty and affordable solution from those clever German people at Einhell. The Einhell MSF 570 manual snow plough is perfect for an urban or suburban household and, with a 57 centimetre working width, it is ideal for those who need to clear snow away from a small drive or path with the minimum of stress and strain and but want more than just an ordinary shovel. The MSF 570 is very easy to use, and has a concave blade, which works in conjunction with a revolving auger. The auger works on the ‘Archimedes Screw’ principle, churning up the snow and pushing it to the side (to the right) as you ease forward. Built to a good working height to prevent you having to bend, the Einhell MSF 570 Snow Plough has a double handle bar, specially shaped to ensure comfortable use and is easily foldable for compact storage. The blade and auger are constructed from durable, impact and corrosion resistant plastic and the handlebar of powder-coated metal with ergonomic plastic grip. Well made, lightweight and effective, this could be the ideal solution for snow clearing in the coming months and it carries a reassuring two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Greenworks G-MAX 40v Lithium-Ion Rapid Battery Charger (29447)

Greenworks G-MAX 40v Lithium-Ion Rapid Battery Charger (29447) was £49.99 now £37.50
This versatile charger can be use to provide green, zero carbon power to both 2AH and 4AH 40v G-MAX Lithium-Ion batteries, and will charge a 2AH in as little as 60 minutes and a 4AH in a remarkable 2 hrs. Compact, robust and space saving the charger Greenworks G-MAX 40v Lithium-Ion Rapid Battery Charger can be mounted on the wall and is a diagnostic charger so will provide information on power and charging progress, with LEDs indicating when the battery is fully charged and an auto stop when the battery is fully charged. Because the 40v batteries are interchangeable*, you can use the charger as a ‘charge station’ where you charge multiple tools and, for example, charge one item and use it while the other charges – saving you time, space and money. NB: This charger is only for use with Greenworks G-MAX 40v batteries and will not operate with 20v or 24v Greenworks batteries or with batteries/products from other brands.

Billy Goat Bag Liners - Pack of 12 (840134 - for MV Multi Vac Outdoor Vacuums)

Billy Goat Bag Liners – Pack of 12 (840134 – for MV Multi Vac Outdoor Vacuums) was £64.00 now £49.00
If you need to dispose of the waste material you have collected with your Billy Goat MV Multi Vac, you can make use of these purpose-fit bag liners to speed up and simplify the task.

Greenworks G-Max 40v Cordless Variable Speed Leaf Blower (24107 - Tool Only)

Greenworks G-Max 40v Cordless Variable Speed Leaf Blower (24107 – Tool Only) was £49.95 now £49.00
Fallen leaves can damage your lawn, block sunlight, and can be a hazard on decking and courtyards so you need to blow them away. Offering a real, technologically and ecologically sound alternative to petrol blowers, the Greenworks G-MAX 40v lithium-ion battery powered blower is a landmark tool. No cables, no maintenance, no fumes, no fuss, just petrol matching, switch-on-and -use power and performance from the industry leaders in li-ion battery technologyThe power behind this blower is a sophisticated G-MAX 40v lithium-ion battery that offers a massive 70 minutes of continuous running time, that’s 40% longer continuous running time than conventional batteries. It also has a considerably shorter charging time and does not lose power when switched off