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Grass mulch

by Diane - September 6th, 2014.
Filed under: allotment.

It’s a great opportunity to mow the lawn and start using the grass clippings on beds you’ve cleared. The layer of grass clippings will keep the soil covered which protects it from rain, sun and wind. By covering the soil you protect the top layer and encourage worm activity right near the surface.
Layer it on as thick as you can – it probably depends how much lawn you have to mow and how many empty beds you had to cover.
It’s well worth trying this as it can help the worms work the soil more. This improves the soil quality greatly. The grass will break down over the winter and by spring if there is any left, then you can brush it aside when planting.

I’ve been cheeky enough to ask neighbours in the past for their lawn clippings. I know they don’t use weed or moss killers so there’s no problem with me collecting their grass.

You can also use grass mulch as a layer on top of your compost bin. This can be useful if you have blighted stems to cover up.