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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - January 6th, 2015.
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New item today at Suttons Seeds

Tomato Cage Kit

Tomato Cage Kit £24.95
Must have tomato growing accessories at a great price:Tomato Cages x 3 – A lightweight yet sturdy and durable cage that’s ideal for tomatoes as well as other climbing flowers, fruit and vegetables. Quick and easy to assemble, each cage comprises three 1.5m (5′) high plastic-coated steel stakes together with 9 30cm (12) plastic connectors that snap onto the uprights. Easy to dismantle and store after use.Growth Cover – Made from low-density polyethylene, the Tomato Growth Cover creates a micro-climate which encourages the growth and development of tomatoes, (and other similar plants), for an earlier, heavier, better quality crop! It retains the heat of the day and reduces cooling at night. Its permeability provides airing and encourages humidification. Provides protection from inclement weather, insects and birds. Simply cut off the lengths required, slip over your plants and secure. Contains UV protection for long life. 0.6m (2′) x 10m (33′) roll. 1 Roll.Tomato Fertiliser – An NK Fertiliser (18-0-36) with trace elements, specially formulated to enhance the vigour, yield and ripening of tomatoes. Directions For Use: Mix 5g (1 teaspoon) in 9 litres (2gal) of water. Use in place of ordinary water once the first flowers have set and continue feeding throughout the season. After use, re-seal the pack tightly and store in a cool place. 1 x 500g pack.NK Fertiliser 18-0-36 with trace elements Total Nitrogen 18% of Which Nitric nitrogen 9.5%, Ureic nitrogen 8.5% Potassium Oxide (k20) Soluble in water 36% (29.9%k) Boron (B) soluble in water 0.014% Copper (Cu) chelated by EDTA 0.026% Iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA 0.05% Manganese (Mn) chelated by EDTA 0.026% Molybdenum (Mo) soluble in water 0.0004% Zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA 0.009%