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New products at GreenFingers

by John - January 22nd, 2015.
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GreenFingers has these new items today

Large Compost Tumbler - 220 Litres

Large Compost Tumbler – 220 Litres £124.95
Take the strain out of composting with the Tumble Weed Compost Bin.The unique tumbling action speeds up the whole composting process simply fill with kitchen scraps grass clippings shredded garden prunings and tumble the bin regularly every 2-3 days. A stainless steel bar runs through the centre of the drum to help mix the contents and vented lids at each end maintain aeration.The balanced lightweight symmetrical design makes this compost bin very easy to use. Being off the ground ensures that air and moisture are evenly distributed by the tumble action creating ideal conditions for rapid decomposition and will not be accessed by rodents. Operating instructions includedA simple assembly is required using a Phillips screwdriver and a spanner (no instructions for this) and the Tumbleweed Compost Bin comes with a 5 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee.Tumbleweed Compost Bin: 65 x 85 x 117cm high. Weight 10kg. Capacity: 220 litres.Please note: Part D – the central shaft is usually placed within one of the other shafts to prevent it being lost in transit. It can be attached to the legs or inside the legs. Please click here for packing details.

Briers Green Garden Clogs

Briers Green Garden Clogs £6.99
These lightweight Briers Green Garden Clogs are not only perfect for when you are gardening but also for wet weather errands or muddy outdoor walks. Once you have a pair of these you will forget how you ever managed without them! They are so handy to keep by the back door just slip into them and away you go. Made from 100% EVA they are practical comfortable and warm clogs with a removable liner. Great clogs at a great price that are also easy to clean.Water resistantSlip resistantAvailable in sizes 4-11. Please choose below:

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