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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - January 22nd, 2015.
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New items added today at MowDirect

Echo RM-410ES Backpack Brushcutter

Echo RM-410ES Backpack Brushcutter £775.00
With the commercial-grade Echo RM-410ES Backpack Brushcutter at your disposal, you’ll be able to access areas that would be impossible to reach with a conventional handheld unit. Powering it is a premium 42.7cc Echo two-stroke engine that develops a beefy 2.3hp; and which employs the Japanese manufacturer’s Power Boost Tornado technology, whereby power-output is maximised, while fuel-consumption and emissions are cut.Echo’s EasyStart system means the engine will fire-up with the gentlest of pulls on the starter-rope; while their provision of a roomy 1.2-litre tank ensures very little time will be lost due to refuelling-breaks. The Echo RM-410ES boasts comfortable padded backpack-straps that work with its lightweight design (11.2kg) and ergonomic loop-and-bar handle to minimise user-fatigue during day-long landscaping applications.It’s equipped with a high-tensile steel drive-shaft that ensures powerful, high-torque performance; and it’s supplied with a three-tooth metal brush-blade and a twin-line grass-trimming head, so flexibility-of-use is assured (the strimmer-head features a time-saving bump-feed mechanism).

Echo SRM-520ESU Petrol Brushcutter

Echo SRM-520ESU Petrol Brushcutter £745.00
Designed for heavy-duty use by local-authority workers and other landscape professionals, the unforgiving Echo SRM-520ESU offers the perfect blend of rugged build-quality, powerful performance and low-effort handling.It’s equipped with an impressively beefy 50.2cc (2.9hp) air-cooled two-stroke engine which features a rear-mounted cooling-air intake that ensures less debris is pulled-in, in turn minimising maintenance requirements and maximising service-life.Echo’s provision of a robust magnesium crankcase means continuous high-rev operation won’t prove a problem; while their ReadyStart system delivers a huge cut in the pulling-force needed to achieve ignition.The Echo SRM-520ESU Petrol Brushcutter is supplied with a full shoulder-harness and has been fitted with an ergonomic ‘U’-type handlebar, so the sort of day-long applications for which it’s been designed can be completed in comfort.Supplied with a both a metal-blade and a nylon-line head, this model is just as at home clearing stubborn brush and bramble as it is putting the finishing touches to a garden (the line-head has a handy bump-feed mechanism).

Echo SRM-420TESU Petrol Brushcutter

Echo SRM-420TESU Petrol Brushcutter £699.00
Echo’s top-of-the-range petrol brushcutter, the SRM-420TESU, offers the sort of superior handling and high-torque performance that are essential for commercial landscapers. Its exceptional torque-output is thanks to it optimised reduction gearing. This delivers a cutting-capability comparable to more powerful machines, but with far less weight, noise, vibration and fuel-consumption.The engine itself boasts an impressive 41.5cc displacement and has been equipped with EasyStart for fast, effortless pull-starts. An extra-large 0.79-litre fuel-tank works to minimise downtime by reducing the number of refuelling-stops; while Stage 2 emission-compliance makes for a pleasant, almost fume-free working environment.Designed for all-day, every-day use, the Echo SRM-420TESU employs high-specification anti-vibration technology; comes with a double shoulder-harness; and has been equipped with a ‘U’-style handlebar – a combination that ensures operator-comfort is maintained for the duration of extended sessions. This model comes with a bump-feed line-head, so renewing the cutting-cord couldn’t be simpler.

Echo SRM-420ESU Petrol Brushcutter

Echo SRM-420ESU Petrol Brushcutter £675.00
Powerful performance, rock-solid build-quality and ergonomic handling are the defining characteristics of this commercial-duty brushcutter from Echo.It’s fitted with a high-capacity 41.5cc two-stroke air-cooled engine that features EasyStart for effortlessly fast pull-starts; and which boasts a heavy-duty air-filtration system for optimum component protection and therefore an extended service-life.An extra-large 0.7-litre tank means refuelling-stops will be few and far between; while a rugged magnesium crankcase ensures long periods of high-RPM operation won’t prove a problem.The Echo SRM-420ESU Petrol Brushcutter has been equipped with premium vibration-damping that works with a full shoulder-harness and an ergonomic ‘cowhorn’ (or ‘U’) handle so as to ensure day-long jobs can be finished in comfort.This model is supplied with both a nylon-line head and a metal-blade, so it’s just as at home tidying lawn-edges as it is clearing established scrub and brush (the line-head has a bump-feed mechanism for rapid, as-you-work cord advancement).

Stiga Multiclip Pro 53 SB Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Stiga Multiclip Pro 53 SB Self-Propelled Lawnmower £639.00
This high-specification mulching-mower from Stiga will get the job done with impressive rapidity as it eliminates the need to rake or bag your grass-clippings. Instead, they’re swirled around beneath the mower-deck, where they’re cut and re-cut by the specially designed blade, before the resulting, nutrient-rich mulch is spread on the lawn surface where it will act as a free, organic feed.The Stiga Multiclip Pro 53 SB Self-Propelled Lawnmower comes equipped with a 190cc Briggs & Stratton 850E Series engine, which uses the globally renowned American manufacturer’s OHV technology, whereby operating temperature and emissions are reduced, while fuel-economy is optimised.A performance muffler markedly lessens noise and delivers outstanding tonal quality; while B & S’s ReadyStart® system means there’s no need to waste time priming the carburettor prior to ignition.Exceptionally well-built, the Stiga Multiclip Pro 53 SB boasts aluminium wheels and an aluminium cutter-deck, both of which confer strength and inherent corrosion-resistance.It has a substantial 51cm width-of-cut, so you’ll cover plenty of ground with every pass; and it features centralised (single lever) height-of-cut selection that makes the pre-mowing set-up process a breeze. Day-long mowing sessions can be hard the hands and arms, so Stiga have furnished the Multiclip Pro 53 SB with their high-specification anti-vibration technology. An ergonomically advanced handlebar configuration contributes further to use comfort; while a four-speed gearbox ensures there’s a suitable ground-speed available for whatever cutting-conditions you’re faced with.

Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 S Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 S Self-Propelled Lawnmower £569.00
Whether you’re a professional gardener, or simply a homeowner who demands the very best from their garden-machinery, this high-performance petrol rotary-mower from Swedish brand Stiga will impress.The Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 S isn’t supplied with a grassbag. Instead of being collected or deposited directly back onto the lawn, clippings are held under the deck and repeatedly shredded until they become a super-fine mulch that will wilt-away before you know it. As it rots down, the mulch will furnish the turf with important micro-organisms and nutrients, thereby helping to keep your lawn lush and healthy through the drier summer period.Built with durability to the fore, the Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 S Self-Propelled Lawnmower features aluminium wheels with ball-bearing mounts; a robust galvanised-steel chassis; and a crankshaft-protecting friction blade holder.It’s fitted with a premium 160cc Honda GCV160 engine that employs the acclaimed Japanese manufacturer’s overhead-cam (OHC) technology for optimised power-output with a cut in fuel-costs; and it offers single-lever cutting-height adjustment for fast, hassle-free selection of the most effective blade-setting. So as to ensure you can negotiate slopes and rough ground with little effort expended, Stiga have equipped this model with a power-drive to the rear wheels. A laterally adjustable handlebar makes it possible to much flush along walls and fences; while advanced shock-absorbing measures eliminates the chance of experiencing vibration white-finger at the end of a long day’s work.

Echo SRM-335TESU Petrol Brushcutter

Echo SRM-335TESU Petrol Brushcutter £569.00
Complete tough, day-long brushcutting tasks in comfort with the powerful, professional-grade Echo SRM-335TESU. It’s packed with premium features, foremost amongst which is its special high-torque cutter-head that delivers around 50% more torque than previous models; and which replicates the cutting-capability of brushcutters with larger-capacity engines – but with a marked cut in noise, vibration, weight and fuel-costs.The engine on the Echo SRM-335TESU Petrol Brushcutter has a generous 30.5cc cylinder-displacement and has been equipped with Echo’s EasyStart system for virtually effort-free recoil-starts.Stage 2 emission-compliance makes for a pleasant, almost fume-free working environment; while an extra-large 0.84-litre fuel-tank works to minimise downtime by reducing the number of refuelling-stops.Offering superior user-comfort, the Echo SRM-335TESU can be paired-up with a full-shoulder harness (optional); features a professional ‘U’-style handlebar; and benefits from Echo’s high-end anti-vibration technology. This model comes with a twin-line head with bump-feed line-advance for hassle free cord-feed.

Echo SRM-335TESL Petrol Brushcutter

Echo SRM-335TESL Petrol Brushcutter £565.00
Aimed at both commercial contractors and domestic gardeners maintaining substantial grounds, this high-end petrol brushcutter from Japanese power-tool specialist Echo will take large areas of stubborn weeds and brush in its stride.Power from its beefy 30.5cc Echo engine is sent to the cutter-head via high-torque gearbox that works to optimise cutting-capability, giving you the performance of a much higher-powered machine, but with a lighter, more efficient and smoother-running engine. The engine itself is an air-cooled two-stroke unit that features EasyStart for hassle-free pull-starts; and which meets Stage 2 emission requirements, thereby making your working-environment far more pleasant. The Echo SRM-335TESL Petrol Brushcutter has been designed with user-comfort to the fore, with its low-weight build (6.4kg), advanced anti-vibration system and ergonomic ‘loop’-type handle combining to facilitate the comfortable completion of a full day’s work (a double shoulder-harness is offered separately).The line-head supplied with this model boasts a bump-feed mechanism, whereby a simple tap of the cutter-head on the ground will see the cord renewed.

Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 Hand-Propelled Lawnmower

Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 Hand-Propelled Lawnmower £509.00
The Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 is a high-end petrol lawnmower aimed at gardeners looking for the very best in European design and build-quality.It’s a purpose-built mulching machine, so there’s no need rake-up or bag your grass-clippings. Instead, cut-grass is reduced to a fine mulch by the specially-designed low-noise blade, before being spread evenly over the lawn surface where it will rot and vanish in no time, leaving the turf well-nourished and verdant in the process (mulching lessens mowing-time by a huge 30% compared to bagging).Power for the Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 is supplied by a Honda GCV160 engine with an overhead-cam configuration for optimised power-output and reduced fuel-consumption; and an automatic decompression-valve for low-effort pull-starts.Precision-machined engine parts combine with Honda’s Dura-Lube technology to ensure season after season of low-maintenance service; while an internal timing-belt works to markedly cut sound-output. So as to ensure regular periods of extended use won’t cause blood-vessel damage, the Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 has been equipped with Stiga’s unique, fatigue-reducing anti-vibration system. It boasts a friction blade holder, so the crankshaft won’t be damaged should the blade strike a solid object; and it benefits from centralised height-of-cut control, which means it couldn’t be simpler to select the blade-setting you’re looking for. Built to last, the Multiclip Pro 50 features ball-bearing wheels and is constructed around a strong and hardwearing galvanised-steel cutter-deck.Also noteworthy is the laterally adjustable handlebar that makes it easy to mow flush against walls and fence-lines. This 48cm-cut model is designed for lawns up to around 50 x 50cm.