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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - January 22nd, 2015.
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Reduced lines at MowDirect

Toro 51594 Ultra Handheld Electric Blower-Vac

Toro 51594 Ultra Handheld Electric Blower-Vac was £119.00 now £105.00
The Toro 51594 Ultra Handheld Electric Blower-Vac is not just for the autumn clear-up; it’s a great way to keep your garden tidy all year round.Its unique fan-design and high-performance 1450w electric motor combine to ensure fantastic results whether you’re working in blower or vacuum mode. You’ll have no trouble changing modes – simply remove the blower tube and snap the vac-tube into place.A stand-out feature on the Toro 51594 is its variable-speed motor, which gives you the control over the air-speed you’ll need to tackle a range of applications (this model achieves a maximum air-velocity of 350km/h).This versatile model is also equipped with a robust metal impellor, which reduces the volume of collected material by 1/16 for maximum bag-capacity (the resulting mulch is great for composting).As you’d expect from a top-of-the-range machine, the Toro 51594 is a pleasure to use, with its ultra-lightweight build and ergonomic Comfort-Control grip working to ensure optimum user-comfort.The inclusion of a large-capacity 53-litre collection-bag ensures fewer emptying-stops.

MD 5-Ton Electric Log-Splitter (Special Offer)

MD 5-Ton Electric Log-Splitter (Special Offer) was £179.95 now £169.95
Leave your hand-axe hanging in the shed and get your stock of winter firewood ready the modern, simple and low-effort way with the remarkably low-priced MD 5-Ton Electric Log-Splitter. Capable of handling most domestic log-splitting tasks, it couldn’t be easier to use – just position the subject log on the central cradle, pull a lever and watch as it’s driven against the splitting-wedge with a force of five-tons – even seasoned hardwood won’t stand a chance.For piece of mind when it comes to user-safety, MD have equipped this model with two-handed control, so your hands have to be away from the chopping action when in operation.Its beefy 1500w motor will prove long-lasting and maintenance-free.The MD 5 Ton Electric Log-Splitter will accept logs up to 25cm in diameter and 52cm in length.This 5 ton log splitter by MD is the lowest-priced product in its class and comes with Free Next Day Delivery!

Toro HoverPro 400 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower

Toro HoverPro 400 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower was £399.00 now £389.00
Combining powerful performance with rugged build-quality and superior reliability, the attractively-priced Toro HoverPro 400 will prove a fantastic purchase for the more discerning domestic gardener. Hover-mowers float on an air-cushion and are inherently lightweight, so they can be used on the sort banks, ditches and verges that would defeat a wheeled machine. The Toro HoverPro 400 weighs a mere 12.5kg and features Toro’s industry-leading 14