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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - January 23rd, 2015.
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MowDirect has these new items today

Echo CS-8002 Petrol Chainsaw (60cm Guide Bar)

Echo CS-8002 Petrol Chainsaw (60cm Guide Bar) £795.00
The Echo CS-8002 is the Japanese manufacturer’s largest and most powerful professional chainsaw, and as such offers the sort of reliability, handling and performance that are a must-have for the commercial forester. Its very high-performance 80.7cc (3.9kW) engine develops around 20% more power than the engine on the CS-680, and has been fitted with a premium-grade diaphragm carburettor that maintains the ideal fuel/air mixture during acceleration so as to eliminate power-loss. There’s also a substantial automotive-style air-filter that protects crucial parts from undue wear and tear; and a tool-free air-filter cover that makes routine maintenance simple when in the field. This top-of-the-range model has been equipped with automatic chain-oiling, which can be adjusted suit the bar-length; hardness of wood; and speed of cut that’s required. The flow is halted when the revs are at idle; and can be manually over-ridden for improved oil-economy. In order to maximise user-safety, Echo have fitted the CS-8002 with an inertia-triggered chain-brake that will bring the chain to an immediate halt in the unlikely event the saw ‘kicks back’. Echo’s Performance Cutting Systemâ„¢, which includes an upgraded steel cutter-bar and a highly aggressive chain, guarantees a fast, clean cut in the most demanding of conditions; while their provision of a six-point vibration-damping system works to spare the operator’s hands and arms from excessive stress and strain.

Echo SRM-222ES Petrol Brushcutter

Echo SRM-222ES Petrol Brushcutter £215.00
Put the finishing touches to your lawn and garden the fast, low-effort way with the powerful but lightweight Echo SRM-222ES Petrol Brushcutter. Powering its dual nylon-line strimmer-head is a high-capacity 21.2cc air-cooled two-stroke engine which incorporates Echo’s acclaimed Power Boost Tornado technology. The result of years of development, this system works to maximise power delivery, while at the same time minimising fuel-consumption and the emission of polluting exhaust particulates.EasyStart means a gentle two-fingered pull on the starter-rope will see the engine spark into life; while Echo’s provision of a roomy 0.40-litre fuel-tank ensures long, uninterrupted runs.The Echo SRM-222ES weighs just 4.7kg and is fitted with an ergonomic ‘loop’-type handle; a combination that confers superior control and manoeuvrability.It employs effective vibration-damping measures, so high levels of user-comfort are guaranteed; and it features a ‘Tap ‘n’ Go’ cord-advance system that makes spooling-out new line a quick, hassle-free operation.

Echo GT-222ES Grass-Trimmer

Echo GT-222ES Grass-Trimmer £189.00
Keeping your lawn edges and fences-lines in check has never been easier than with this easy-handling curved-shaft strimmer from Japanese power-tool giants Echo.Driving its twin-line cutter-head is a 21.2cc (0.9hp) Echo two-stroke air-cooled power-pack that features Power Boost Tornado technology, whereby performance is optimised, while noise, emissions and fuel-costs are cut.Echo’s EasyStart system reduces the resistance in the recoil mechanism for fast, almost effort-free pull-starts; while their provision of a roomy 0.4-litre fuel-tank means long periods of uninterrupted grass-trimming.The Echo GT-222ES Grass-Trimmer combines effective anti-vibration measures with precision balance and an ergonomic ‘loop’ handle in order to maximise comfort, control and manoeuvrability. It boasts a curved-shaft design that gives you the ideal angle of attack for small-area mowing; and it features a bump-feed line-head, so you’ll find advancing the cutting-cord is a quick, hassle-free operation.