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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - January 23rd, 2015.
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MowDirect has cut the price of these products

Echo PB-251 Petrol Handheld Leaf Blower

Echo PB-251 Petrol Handheld Leaf Blower was £227.05 now £215.00
Characterised by its powerful blowing speed and low-effort handling, the Echo PB-251 will make you wonder how you ever managed with your old garden rake alone.Driving it is a high-powered 25.4cc Echo two-stroke engine that develops a beefy 0.9hp; and which utilises the manufacturer’s Power Boost Tornado™ technology for emission-compliance with no compromise on power-output. A 0.47-litre fuel-tank will see you get plenty done between top-up stops.The Echo PB251 Petrol Handheld Leaf Blower develops an air-velocity of 71m/s and will shift a huge 700m3/h of air every hour, so large-scale clear-ups can be completed with speed and efficiency.It employs an anti-gyroscopic system and weighs just 4.5kg; a combination that ensures user-fatigue is kept at bay for longer; and it features Echo’s EZ Lock mechanism for hassle-free fitting and removal of the blower-tube.This model also boasts a heavy-duty air-filtration system that works to significantly extend the working-life of the engine.

Echo Articulating Hedger Attachment for Power Pruners (HCAA2402A)

Echo Articulating Hedger Attachment for Power Pruners (HCAA2402A) was £255.55 now £239.00
Adjustable in 7 positions through 90 degrees (suitable for Echo PPT265ES Power Pruner). FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! WARRANTY: 24 MONTHS IN PRIVATE USE, 12 MONTHS IN COMMERCIAL USE.

Echo CS-360WES Petrol Chainsaw (35cm Guide Bar)

Echo CS-360WES Petrol Chainsaw (35cm Guide Bar) was £346.75 now £329.00
A compact, powerful and perfectly balanced tool, the Echo CS-360WES Petrol Chainsaw is driven by a 35.8cc engine and is the machine of choice for the professional tree-surgeon.Its comprehensive six-point anti-vibration system allows you to work for extended periods with minimal fatigue; while its ‘ES’ easy-start system significantly reduces the pulling-force required for ignition.Other features include automatic chain-oiling, which allows you to adjust the flow of oil to suit the material with which you are working; side-access chain-tensioning for fast and accurate adjustments; and an inertia-type automatic chain-brake, which stops the chain dead in the event of kick-back.The CS-360WES is an exceptionally light saw, weighing-in at just 3.7kg.

Echo CS-370ES Petrol Chainsaw (33cm Guide Bar)

Echo CS-370ES Petrol Chainsaw (33cm Guide Bar) was £365.75 now £345.00
This lightweight but powerful petrol-driven machine from Japanese power-tool innovators Echo offers the sort of effortless handling and superior build-quality that are essential for farmers and estate workers who are regularly undertaking demanding chainsaw applications.It’s equipped with a high-performance 36.3cc two-stroke engine, which features Echo’s Power Boost Tornado™ technology, whereby power-delivery and fuel-consumption are minimised, while the emission of harmful exhaust particulates is cut (the engine is Stage Two compliant).Other engine features include Easy-Start (ES), which lessens starter-cord resistance for almost effortless ignition; and a tool-free filter cover that makes removal of the air-filter for replacement or cleaning purposes a quick and simple task.Echo CS-370ES Petrol Chainsaw boasts an automatic chain-oiler with an adjustable flow-rate that can be set to suit the density of the wood you’re working with. So as to avoid wastage and mess, the oil flow to the guide-bar is cut when the engine is at idle.A six-point vibration-reduction system combines with the saw’s low-weight build (4.5kg) to facilitate extended periods of use; while the provision of an automatic inertia-activated chain-brake confers maximum user-safety in the unlikely event one of the chain teeth catches a knot in the wood.

Echo CS-420ES Petrol Chainsaw (38cm Guide Bar)

Echo CS-420ES Petrol Chainsaw (38cm Guide Bar) was £403.75 now £385.00
Offering a step-up in power and cutting-capacity, this feature-packed petrol chainsaw from Echo is aimed at farmers and landscape contractors for whom an ultra-dependable workmate is a must-have.Driving its longer 38cm cutting-gear is a very high-performance 40.2cc two-stroke engine that’s been equipped with Echo’s renowned ES Easy-Start system, whereby resistance in the recoil mechanism is reduced, in turn ensuring only the gentlest of pulls is needed to achieve ignition.Echo’s Power Boost Tornado™ technology works to maximise engine power, at the same time keeping fuel-consumption and exhaust-emissions at impressively low levels; while their provision of a tool-free air-filter cover makes routine, in-the-field maintenance headache-free.The Echo CS-420ES Petrol Chainsaw features a wear-reducing and performance-enhancing automatic chain-oiler, the flow-rate of which can be adjusted to suit the hardness of the timber you’re cutting (the flow stops when the engine idles).It weighs a mere 4.6kg and employs comprehensive six-point vibration-damping, so it couldn’t be easier to handle; and it’s fitted with a fast-acting chain-brake that kicks-in the moment inertia is detected for optimum user-safety.

Echo CS-550 Petrol Chainsaw (45cm Guide Bar)

Echo CS-550 Petrol Chainsaw (45cm Guide Bar) was £593.75 now £565.00
A robust and highly versatile machine, the Echo CS-550 Petrol Chainsaw is powered by a high-performance 54.1cc engine with ‘Pro-Fire’ Step-Advanced Electronic Ignition for reliable, hassle-free starting in all weathers.Its lightweight construction (6kg), ergonomic handle design and highly-effective six-point vibration-damping system combine to produce a very comfortable, easy to handle saw; while its automatic chain-oiling system helps to maximise versatility, allowing you to work effectively with woods of varying densities.Other features include an automatic chain-brake, which protects the user by ensuring the chain stops instantly in the event of kick-back; and convenient side chain-tensioning for quick and easy chain adjustment.

Echo HCA265ES Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer

Echo HCA265ES Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer was £593.75 now £565.00
High hedges, low ground-cover, shrubs and bushes can all be efficiently maintained with this supremely flexible long-reach hedgetrimmer from Echo. Its versatility lies in the fact that it offers a choice of eight blade-angles – with the blade set straight you’ll have a reach of around two-metres; with it set at 90-degrees you’ll have the perfect angle of approach for the tops of tall hedges (the blade can be locked parallel to the shaft for safe storage and transport). The Echo HCA265ES Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer is powered by a professional-duty 25.4cc (1.2hp) two-stroke engine, which incorporates dual piston-rings for impressive durability. Thanks to Echo’s Easy-Start technology, only a gently pull on the starter-rope is needed for ignition. Offering carefully thought-out ergonomics; conveniently grouped controls; and comprehensive vibration-damping; the Echo HCA265ES is one of the most comfortable and easy-handling machines of its type. It’s fitted with a set of 50.4cm double-sided, dual-reciprocating blades, which have been precision-ground blades for the cleanest possible cut (the double-sided design of the blades allows you to cut both ways, in turn speeding-up your work-rate).

Echo PPT265ES Power Pruner

Echo PPT265ES Power Pruner was £612.75 now £579.00
The high-specification Echo PPT265ES is one of the safest and easiest ways to prune trees and cut-off dead or dangerous branches, and will allow you to leave your wobbly old step-ladders in the shed. The Echo Power Pruner PPT265ES is a telescopically adjustable unit which measures an expansive 2.74m in length unextended; and 3.83m when fully extended. The telescopic shaft can be simply adjusted and securely locked by hand. The machine is powered by an easy starting, long lasting and ultra-reliable Echo engine (25.4cc), and has a 30.5cm no-stall chainsaw head that ensures heavy loads won’t prove a problem. An ergonomically-mounted top handle makes the pruner feel light and easy-to-handle; whilst the handgrips incorporate grouped controls, including an ‘ignition off’ switch; trigger throttle; and throttle control lock-out, which prevents accidental engagement. To prevent user-fatigue, the shaft on the Echo PPT265ES is cushioned, and the throttle is isolated against vibration, so time-consuming applications can be completed in comfort. The rigid, non-flex shaft has a splined fibreglass cover, which is easy to grip and slide your hand up and down. It’s also much more resistant to fuel spillages than rubber. A gear-driven oiler lubricates right to the tip of the cutter bar, allowing the chain to run superbly at any position; while a high-torque gearbox assures faster and more accurate cutting.

Echo CS-680 Petrol Chainsaw (50cm Guide Bar)

Echo CS-680 Petrol Chainsaw (50cm Guide Bar) was £793.25 now £749.00
With its advanced ergonomics and seriously powerful 66.8cc engine developing a huge 3.3kW, it’s no surprise this impressively well-equipped model has become Echo’s most popular professional felling saw.The engine itself incorporates a diaphragm-type carburettor, which ensures the optimum fuel/air mixture is maintained at all times for peak performance; and it employs a heavy-duty automotive-style air-filter that works to extend engine-life, and which can be quickly accessed without using tools. The fuel-capacity is a generous 0.64-litres.The Echo CS-680 Petrol Chainsaw features automatic chain-lubrication, which can be manually over-ridden, thereby enabling you to reduce oil-consumption. The amount of oil that’s delivered to the cutting-gear can be adjusted to suit the type of wood you’re working with.Despite its rock-solid build-quality and high-performance power-unit, the CS-680 weighs just 6.6kg. Its low-weight build combines with its high-specification vibration-reduction system to maximise control and manoeuvrability, and to ensure operator-fatigue is kept at bay for as long as possible.Also featured is Echo’s Performance Cutting System™, which comprises an ultra-aggressive chain and an upgraded cutter-bar.