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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - January 28th, 2015.
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Harrod Horticultural just added these new lines

Extra Large Superior Propagator

Extra Large Superior Propagator £56.95
This Extra Large Superior Propagator Will Create A Wonderful Unheated Mini Greenhouse To Start Off Your New Seedlings In. Easy To Use, The Extra Large Propagator Comes Complete With Planter Tray And Dome And With Two Attached Lids For Ease Of Access. weather Resistant The Propagator Can Be Used On The Ground Or Table Topextra Large Complete With Planter Tray, Dome And Two Attached Lids

Metal Scroll Solar Hens (pack Of 2)

Metal Scroll Solar Hens (pack Of 2) £24.95
These Decorative Metal Scroll Solar Hens Are A Wonderful Addition To Any Garden. Perfect For Creating A Feature On Your Patio, Deck, Balcony Or In Your Borders, They Make Lovely Ornaments During The Day And Wonderful Solar Features At Night.metal Scroll Hens Include:- 1 X White Led Per Solar Hen- 2 X Tails- 2 X Hen Heads- 2 X Hen Body Sections- 2 X Lighting Units- Instructions- 2 X Aa Rechargeable Batterydetails- Charges In Direct Sunlight- Automatically Illuminate In Darkness- Powered By An Integral Solar Panel- Up To 8 Hours Of Light Each Night When Fully Charged- On/off Switch To Control Light- No Wiring, Simply Place And Enjoy- No Operating Costsheight: 27.5cm Width: 10.5cm

Black Organic Mulching Film

Black Organic Mulching Film £5.95
This Black Organic Mulching Film Has Been Designed To Ensure The Greatest Wet Strength Possible, Not Only Totally Degradable, It Is Also 100% Compostable, Leaving No Trace Of Residues. It Has Received Organic Certification For The Uk As Well As Mainland To Withstand The Elements During A Typical Uk Growing Seasonhelps To Prevent Sunlight Reaching The Soil, Inhibits Germination Of Weed Seed Present In The Soilorganic Mulching Film Creates A Barrier Against Airborne Weedscreates A Micro-climate That Speeds Up Root Growth To Establish Plants when Harvesting The Organic Mulching Film Can Simply Be Incorporated Into The Soilonce Buried, It Decomposes Along With Other Vegetable Matter

Jumbo Garden Tidy Bags (pack Of 5)

Jumbo Garden Tidy Bags (pack Of 5) £5.45
These Jumbo Garden Tidy Bags Will Prove Invaluable In The Garden When Clearing Up Leaves, Collecting The Clippings From Pruning, Emptying The Compost Bin And Are Ideal For Numerous Other Gardening Jobs.if Theres A Trip To Be Made To The Garden Centre, They Fit Neatly Into The Boot Of The Car Where They Can Provide Protection, Keep The Plants Upright And The Boot Clean. made From Durable Polypropylenemeasures 40cm X 40cm X 150cm When Openedsupplied In A Pack Of Five