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Growing leeks in modules

by Diane - February 2nd, 2015.
Filed under: allotment.

This guy suggests growing two seeds to a module and planting them out a foot apart. Also feed them heavily as they are greedy feeders and need tons of food if they are to grow well.

I always dib a deep hole and pop leek seedlings in. I normally grow them in a seed tray and dissolve the compost away from the roots carefully. This year I will be trying module growing for leeks. They are very hardy and shouldn’t need any heat.

Leek Seeds – Atal
A pale green summer-cropping salad leek. Great flavour and uniformity.

Leek Seeds – Autumn Giant 3 Albana
A top quality leek for a long season of production, giving high yields of flavoursome, medium-sized stems averaging 20-23cm (8-9) in length with little or no bulbing. It also stands extreme weather conditions remarkably well.

Leek Seeds – Autumn Mammoth 2
A first class strain to eat and to exhibit. Thick, sturdy white stems. Superb autumn leek – harvest from September to January.

Leek Seeds – Lyon – Prizetaker
Recommended. Long, thick, pure white stems of mild flavour. Excellent for exhibition if sown in January under glass.

Leek Seeds – Musselburgh
Part of the Sutton’s Seeds Vegetable Heritage Range Good length, tasty white stems. A milder flavour substitute for onions in many culinary dishes. 4 PACKS Thick, white, tasty stems Extremely winter hardy Traditionally popular variety 1919 packet details – Greatly improved stock of Musselburgh leek, far superior to the ordinary strain. Highly Commended, Royal Horticultural Society, 1918.

Leek Seeds – Neptune
An impressive leek producing flavoursome white stems that are ready to harvest from November to January. Shows good winter hardiness and resistance to rust.

Leek Seeds – Northern Lights
This British-bred leek is a real stunner in the winter veg garden, the leaves changing from blue-green to an eye-catching deep purple during the winter months. Stands well during cold weather – harvest from December until late spring.

Leek Swiss Giant Zermatt Seeds
A dual-purpose leek, for baby or full-size harvest. Pulled young it makes a good milder alternative to spring onions. Salad type.

Seed Tape – Leeks
Goodbye successional sowing! Just sow once and the mix of varieties mature successionally for a super-long harvest period! Harvest for up to 39 weeks! Excellent winter vegetable. Sow April-May. Harvest September-February. 6m seed tape.