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New products at GreenFingers

by John - February 3rd, 2015.
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New items today at GreenFingers

Miracle-Gro Bone Meal Root Builder 1.5 kg

Miracle-Gro Bone Meal Root Builder 1.5 kg £2.99
A natural root builder Miracle-Gro Bone Meal is high in phosphates and calcium and is ideal to bolster soil and improve gardens. It works really well when growing root crops beans bulbs roses and shrubs and is also great for growing fruit and trees. The phosphates in Miracle-Gro Bone Meal ensure that the sugars produced in leaves travel down to the roots promoting growth. Its high calcium content also holds cell walls together and prevents blossom end rot weak stems and impaired growth. This slow release long-lasting plant food naturally releases nutrients to build stronger roots producing greener healthier plants. It reduces nutrient deficiency in slow-growing plants while also avoiding any danger of overfeeding.Contains:Nitrogen to encourage strong growth and healthy lush green leavesPhosphate to promote vigorous root growth and establish plants quicklyOrganic matter to naturally encourage micro-organisms to improve the soil fertility and structureEasy to use granulesQuantity: 1.5kgCoverage: 12-60m

6X Natural Fertiliser - 15kg

6X Natural Fertiliser – 15kg £10.99
Six times richer than farmyard manure! 6X 100% Natural Fertiliser contains no peat or chemicals and is a sterilised weed and pathogen free natural organic fertiliser so it is safe to use on all plants. It provides balanced nutrition for shrubs flower beds vegetables and lawns and is extraordinarily economical – one 15Kg sack of this fibrous fertiliser is sufficient to cover 180sq metres at lawn rate or 66 sq. metres for general feeding. It is renowned for producing magnificent gardens of all types of flowers vegetables fruit and lawns. It is called 6X Natural Fertiliser because it is 6 to 8 times more concentrated 6 to 8 times richer and much better value than even the best traditional fertiliser products and one sack will go 6 to 8 times as far! Certified by Organic Farmers & Growers for use in organic systemsContains: Nitrogen(N) 5.8% Phosphorus(P) 3.5% Potassium(K) 3% It is ideal: for creating a lawn with a rich green sward; to break clay or to condition the soil; to enable vigorous growth of seedlings; to encourage vigorous and healthy root systems; to produce wholesome vegetables and tasty fruit and for healthy abundant flower growth. Vey handily it can also be turned into liquid manure which will cover 250 sq. yards when used at the lawn rate. 6X Natural Fertiliser is also quite harmless to lime hating plants it should be mixed with peat and then spread around the plants that are already established helping to promote healthy abundant growth of rhododendrons azaleas camellias and ericas. Capacity: 15kg/40 Litres

EverGreen Complete Soluble Lawn Care - 30m

EverGreen Complete Soluble Lawn Care – 30m £4.99
EverGreen Complete Soluble feeds your lawn and kills troublesome moss and weeds. It is fast-acting giving you a visibly greener lawn in just 24 hours and you apply it simply by using a watering can. It then carries on working to control moss and kill broad-leaved weeds such as Daisies White Clover Plantain and Dandelions.Contains MCPA dichlorprop-P dicamba and ferrous sulphate. NPK fertiliser 19.5-1.5-1.8 For use on lawns only Use from March to September Quantity: 800g Coverage: 30m

Botanico FSC Wooden Interlocking Raised Bed  100x100cm

Botanico FSC Wooden Interlocking Raised Bed 100x100cm £8.99
Quickly assembled the Botanico FSC Wooden Interlocking Raised Bed is an easy way to grow your vegetables herbs plants and flowers. A wonderful addition to any garden this great value raised bed is not only functionally superb but also makes an attractive feature. The timber is from FSC managed forests so you know this has come from a well-managed environment. Using a raised bed means less strain on your joints when planting weeding or harvesting. It allows the roots of your plants to grow long straight and strong; thus giving them the opportunity to thrive.10 year anti-rot guaranteeACQ pressure treatedNo base or linerDimensions: 1m square x H13cmPlease note: All Greenfingers products arrive flat packed for easy assembly.

Yeoman Advanced Telescopic Tree Pruner

Yeoman Advanced Telescopic Tree Pruner £29.99
Yeomans ‘Advanced’ range is a new range of tools with added features and benefits. They are lightweight easy to use and provide an effective end result. These Yeoman advanced telescopic tree pruners are perfect for safely removing branches and dead wood from ground level removing the need for a ladder. The dual action ratchet blade cuts up to 25mm with a detachable saw for pruning thicker branches. They have an extremely light aluminium shaft with soft grips that extend up to 2.5m providing extra reach and leverage. These easily adjust to the task in hand. Specifications:Handle length extends up to 2.5m Lightweight aluminium shaft with soft grips Cutting diameter of ratchet blade: 25mm Detachable saw for thicker branches

Yeoman Soft Grip Secateurs

Yeoman Soft Grip Secateurs £7.99
Yeoman Secateurs with non-stick bypass blades for easier and cleaner cutting. These also feature a safety lock and soft-grip handles for improved comfort.Whole length-9Soft grip handle-4Gap between handle-2

Pea and Bean Net 4m x 2m

Pea and Bean Net 4m x 2m £1.49
This Pea and Bean Net has been specially designed to encourage healthy growth of sweet peas and runner beans. Made from green extruded plastic the square mesh-based net is ideal for draping over frames and is both durable and flexible. Measures approximately 4m x 2m 15.3cm mesh

Vitax Organic Rooting Powder - 50g

Vitax Organic Rooting Powder – 50g £1.49
The Vitax Orangic Rooting Powder is a good fertiliser for cuttings of edible and ornamental plants. Helping to stimulate efficient root development and suitable for soft medium and hardwood cuttings Vitax are well-known for their range of useful garden solutions and the Rooting Powder is a great all round fertiliser for your garden.

Jacobi Jayne PlatformOne Bird Table

Jacobi Jayne PlatformOne Bird Table £14.99
Perfect for ground-feeding wild birds the Jacobi Jayne PlatformOne Bird Table is a great alternative to traditional wooden bird tables. It provides your feathered friends with a flat stable surface and has drainage holes to help keep the food dry and mould-free. You can either hang it using the central hanger or place it on top of a pole using the integrated socket. Styled in tough coloured polycarbonate it is easy to spot in your garden and easy to clean. It is a great way to offer visiting wild birds a variety of food from seeds and suet balls to scraps. Feeding garden birds does not need to be expensive as many of the food scraps you throw away provide suitable food for birds. Birds love the fat from unsalted cuts of meat and mild grated cheese is a favourite with robins dunnocks blackbirds and song thrushes. Apples pears and other fruit including bruised and part rotten ones cut up are very popular with all thrushes tits and starlings. Pastry cooked or uncooked is excellent – especially if it has been made with real fats. Fat including suet is particularly welcomed by tits great spotted woodpeckers thrushes and wrens. However please avoid polyunsaturated fats as they do not give the birds the high levels of energy they require in winter.Seed not includedFits onto 2.5cm diameter polePole not includedWith disappearing habitats and climatic changes the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) both recommend the year-round feeding of garden birds to maintain a healthy and viable flock of native species. Feeding requirements are greater in late autumn and winter when natural resources are in shorter supply and high energy levels are also needed during spring when birds are busy breeding and raising young. Once you have established a feeding regime – don

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