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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - February 3rd, 2015.
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Suttons Seeds has these new items today

Cleome Plants - Sparkler

Cleome Plants – Sparkler £15.99
One of the finest lesser-known annuals, whose beautiful spider-like flowers, with their prominent stamens, will attract the admiration of all who see them. Ideal for the back of a border. Height 90-105cm (3-3′).

Bean (Runner) Plants - Super Trio Mix

Bean (Runner) Plants – Super Trio Mix £12.99
Three of the best new generation stringless super runner bean varieties – Tenderstar, Firestorm, Moonlight. Masses of long, tasty pods are freely produced all summer whatever the weather. And the mix of flower colours makes them extremely ornamental!

Grafted Tomato Plants - The Black Tomato Indigo Rose

Grafted Tomato Plants – The Black Tomato Indigo Rose £9.99
A true superfood with extremely high levels of vitamins and antioxidants. Specially bred for extra nutrition, it contains the same antioxidants as blueberries. Ensure the fruit ripens completely before picking (past the fully black stage, when the skin becomes suffused with shades of indigo/rose), and enjoy it fresh, or even better, cooked. High disease resistance. The fruit are exceptionally disease resistant and long-lasting. They boast a mouth-watering fresh tomato taste with unique plummy overtones. The flesh holds its structure when cooked making it a must for salsas and sauces. Its a GM free zone!- the result of years of careful breeding work. Its remarkably easy to grow in a greenhouse or in a sunny spot outside. Grafted for superior performance and up to 75% heavier crops! Where leaves shade the fruit, the skin will ripen to a deep rose, where the fruits are in full sun, the skin will turn its unique indigo black colour. Go on, give it a try!

Begonia Plants - Illumination Apricot Shades

Begonia Plants – Illumination Apricot Shades £9.99
These amazing begonias start out upright-growing, but soon develop a trailing habit, becoming clothed in an ever more spectacular display of giant 7.5cm (3) double flowers as the season progresses. Trailing.

Lettuce Plants - Cos Mix

Lettuce Plants – Cos Mix £4.99
Unique mixture of cos lettuce. Great colour, shape, texture and sweetness at baby leaf stage.