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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - February 19th, 2015.
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Blooming Direct just added these new products

Fuchsia Whip Collection

Fuchsia Whip Collection £17.99
Specimen fuchsia plants culivated as standards, columns or pyramids are a treasure in the garden and grown in large pots, can be kept for many years. Our fuchsia whips are the perfect starting point to grow your own spectacular standards. These strong single stem plants have been grown over winter and are now around 15in tall and attached to a split cane for support. They are ‘unstopped’ so will grow vigorously through the spring when they are at the perfect stage for training into the desired form. To form a standard allow to grow to the desired height before taking out the growing tip. The head is formed from the top 3-4 sets of side shoots, those below this should be removed to fashion the clear standard trunk. Collection contains one plant each of: Seventh Heaven – one of the very best for standards forming a lax head and very large double blooms. genii – looks great as a column with golden foiliage and bright red blooms. Hardy in the border Garden News – tough and hardy and very free flowering. Easy to grow in standrads or pyramids

Cercis Forest Pansy 2L

Cercis Forest Pansy 2L £14.99
Ok, so we gave in to Martin to put this on the website, as it is one of his all time favourite small trees, as it has amazing Summer purple foliage, gorgeous pink flowers that appear before any leaves, and yet is slow-growing and easy to manage. Cercis are slow to get going in Spring, awaking from Winter slumber with small pink flower borne directly on the main stems and branches of the tree, before any leaves emerge. Suddenly, as it warms up in April, the tree is covered in the most gorgeous heart-shaped burgundy purple leaves. They colour up even darker in full sun, perhaps being more reddish in any shade. In late Autumn, they turn red to orange to green before falling late in the season. A great all-rounder, easy to manage small tree – make sure you move quickly, as we do only have a batch of 100 plants.

Complete Summer Patio Display Collection 120 plugs

Complete Summer Patio Display Collection 120 plugs £12.99
These are the 3 most popular proven-winning items – perfect for hanging baskets, patio pots, tubs and troughs. This collection will be enough to fill most patios with vibrant summer colour, with the vibrant displays lasting well into early autumn. Order now to get the best value for money and ensure that your displays are the earliest – and the best – in your street! You will get 40 strong-growing, healthy plug plants each of these 3 summer stunners: Geranium Super Blooming Mixed Trailing Lobelia Fountains Mixed Petunia Frenzy Mixed