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New products at Garden Buildings Direct

by Sarah - February 27th, 2015.
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New products at Garden Buildings Direct

Trooper 2 Burner Gas Barbecue

Trooper 2 Burner Gas Barbecue £264.95
The Outback Trooper 2 Burner Gas Barbecue is has a classic design combining the traditional outdoor green colour way and lovely wooden trolley. This bbq is excellent value for money and will last for years to come.

Outback Meteor 4 Burner Gas BBQ

Outback Meteor 4 Burner Gas BBQ £349.95
Our Meteor Hooded 4 Burner Gas BBQ Red Inc Gas Regulator has a great quality and new addition to the Outback range. This four cast iron burner comes with a side burner and draw this will both help you organise your BBQ and ensure you have enough room to cook lots of delicious food. Grill Cooking . The burner heats up the flame tamer underneath the grill, which in turn heats up the food on the grill. The natural food juices produced during cooking fall onto the hot lava rocks below and vaporise. The subsequent rising smoke bastes the food, as it travels upwards, imparting that unique barbecue flavour. Roasting Hood Cooking . Barbecues equipped with a roasting hood give the option of cooking with hood closed to form an oven for roasting food, such as joints of meat , whole chickens, etc. Gas and Regulator . We include a propane patio gas clip on gas regulator as standard with this stainless steel bbq and recommend that you use propane gas or patio gas to achieve the best barbecuing experience. However this barbecue can use either propane patio gas or butane LPG gas.. We recommend propane patio gas as it will supply gas all year round, even on cold winter days. Butane bottles however tend to supply sufficient gas during the summer, but its performance may well be reduced once temperatures drop below 10 degrees C. Please be aware that if you intend to use butane that a butane regulator is not supplied and we do not stock these items. Manufactured by Outback Barbecues.