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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - February 28th, 2015.
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Dobies has these new products today

Cynara cardunculus Plant

Cynara cardunculus Plant £7.99
This stately and structural plant boasts large silver leaves topped, in summer, by large purple flowers. Flowers July-September. Height 150-200cm (60-78); spread 100-150cm (40-60). Supplied in a 9cm pot. Middle of border variety.Buy any 3 perennial potted plants and get the cheapest FREE!

Chrysanthemum Plants - Bloom Collection

Chrysanthemum Plants – Bloom Collection £9.99
If you need some brightness in your garden in the peak of the summer and at the beginning of the autumn, and if you love cut flowers, these plants are a must! Looking for the best and biggest blooms for your garden then look no further! Theyre easy to grow and produce stunning blooms that are virtually weatherproof. Plants will each produce 4-5 stems, topped by blooms up to 23cm (9) in diameter! The perfect companion to other cut flowers such as dahlias. Collection contains 6 plants (2 of each variety): Regal Mist Purple, Allouise Yellow, Allouise Orange.The chrysanthemum is one of the longest-lasting cut flowers, often decorating your home for more than 2 weeks. Its important to remove the foliage if it begins to droop or yellow (foliage often deteriorates more quickly than the flowers themselves). Re-cutting the stems regularly will also increase the uptake of water and increase vase life.

Tomato Plants - Ildi

Tomato Plants – Ildi £7.99
Mini, sweet yellow, pear-shaped cherry tomatoes with up to 80 fruits per truss. Tomato ‘Ildi’ is a cordon variety that naturally stops growing at 150-180cm (5-6′) carrying 3-4 trusses per plant. Trusses keep well and can be picked, hung in a cool garage, and kept for weeks without the fruit dropping. Height 151-200cm; spread 51-50cm.Perfect for containers or planters in the greenhouse or on the patio, but can also be planted in a sunny spot in the garden

Coprosma Plant - Pacific Dawn

Coprosma Plant – Pacific Dawn £8.99
A bushy shrub with bright purple, evergreen foliage that intensifies in winter to almost black. Ideal for small borders and containers. Height 150cm (60); spread 120cm (48). Middle of border variety. Supplied in a 9cm pot.Buy any 3 perennial potted plants and get the cheapest FREE!

Argyranthemum Plants - Beauty Yellow

Argyranthemum Plants – Beauty Yellow £8.99
Vibrant daisy flowers on compact habit, early-flowering plants. Flowers late June-October. Height 40-50cm (16-20); spread 21-30cm (8-12).Earlier flowering Excellent weather toleranceContinious flowering

Anthemis Plant - Susanna Mitchell

Anthemis Plant – Susanna Mitchell £7.99
A summer garden must-have, producing mounds of silvery, fern-like foliage and masses of white daisy flowers with primrose-yellow centres. Flowers May-August. Height 50-60cm (20-24); spread 90-100cm (36-40). Supplied in a 9cm pot. Middle of border variety. Mounding habitFragrant flowersFragrant foliageLong floweringBuy any 3 perennial potted plants and get the cheapest FREE!

Tomato Plants - Green Envy

Tomato Plants – Green Envy £7.99
These grape-sized cherry-tomatoes are an unusual bright green colour, becoming slightly translucent when ripe. Tomato Green Envy has a delicate, sweet flavour, making a colourful and delicious addition to salads and roasted vegetable dishes. The flavoursome 30g (1oz) fruits are produced in abundance from mid-summer through to the autumn. Height 151-200cm; spread 51-60cm.

Plunge Pot - Shades of Blue

Plunge Pot – Shades of Blue £15.99
Add an extra dimension to your garden planters with our beautiful colour co-ordinated mixes!What could be easier or quicker than our new plunge pots? Weve chosen plants that complement each other beautifully, planted them together in a 2 litre pot, and grown them on into large plants that will be bursting into bloom when you receive them. All you have to do is choose a container (not supplied), fill it with compost, remove the plant from its pot and pop it in! A few minutes work to create an instantly colourful display, which will soon grow into a spectacular mass of flowers that will keep on coming throughout the whole summer! Shades of Blue- A collection of single flowered calibrachoa (violet, purple. white and blue) with a compact, mounding habit and excellent weather resistance. Height 31-40cm; spread 51-60cm. Summer floweringNice combination of coloursSelf cleaning

Sambucus nigra Plant - Black Tower

Sambucus nigra Plant – Black Tower £8.99
A deciduous shrub with dark, maple-leaf-shaped foliage and clusters of upward-facing pale pink flowers followed by black berries (which the birds love!). Flowers in April. Height 1.5-2m (60-78); spread 90-100cm (36-40). Back of border variety. Supplied in a 9cm pot.Buy any 3 perennial potted plants and get the cheapest FREE!