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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - March 7th, 2015.
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Reduced price on items today at PondKeeper

PondXpert Pond Skimmer - Pump Attachment

PondXpert Pond Skimmer – Pump Attachment was £49.99 now £32.99
The PondXpert Pond Skimmer is designed to be attached to a pond pump – the combined unit then sucks in debris from the surface of your pond with the waste collecting in an easy-empty collection basket.

Nishikoi  Goodbye Blanketweed Bulk Size

Nishikoi Goodbye Blanketweed Bulk Size was £49.99 now £44.99
Goodbye Blanketweed is a unique patented bio-product with friendly, harmless bacteria and enzymes which eat the food that blanketweed lives on.The treatment also contains Activated Barley Straw which works in conjunction with the bacteria, accelerating the blanket weed clearing process.Product supplied as a tub of 32 water soluble sachets. Each sachet is enough for a pond up to 4500 litres/1000 gallons.
Simply drop one sachet into your pond each week.
One bulk tub is an 32 week treatment (just add extra packs for larger ponds – ie, a 16 week treatment course for a 9000 litre pond)

Hozelock Ecopower 5000 Plus Pond Filter

Hozelock Ecopower 5000 Plus Pond Filter was £74.99 now £59.99
A highly efficient mechanical and biological filter for garden ponds up to 5000 litres – now under £75 this gives great value for money.

Lotus BioClear 1 Pond Filter

Lotus BioClear 1 Pond Filter was £99.99 now £89.99
This is a new pond filter from Lotus that is designed to plug the gap between their budget Green2Clean filters and the more expensive Clear Pond range.
Lotus box pond filters have always been bestsellers and this new filter offers the ‘multi-chamber’ approach used so successfully with Clear Pond but at a much lower price point.

Lotus BioClear 2 Pond Filter

Lotus BioClear 2 Pond Filter was £109.99 now £99.99
New for Spring 2014 is a range of box filters from Lotus.
This manufacturer already produce the Green2Clean and Green Genie at the entry-level and the Clear Pond range at the top.
The New Bio-Clear filters are aimed at pondkeepers who want a bit more from their box filter but don’t want to breakl the bank.

Lotus Green to Clean 48000 Pond Filter

Lotus Green to Clean 48000 Pond Filter was £249.99 now £224.99
If you want to keep a large pond clean and healthy then this pond filter must surely be on your list. For a highly reasonable price you get a pond filter that can handle 48,000 litres of water. Keeping a pond full of fish makes the filter system work harder so this figure drops to 24000 Litres (5300 gallons).
The large chamber is packed with effective filter foams and media to help collect and dirt or waste particles
Also built into the lid of the filter is a powerful 50 watt UVC to stop the water going green.

Green2Clean 48000 Pond Filter & Pondpush 12000 Pond Pump Set

Green2Clean 48000 Pond Filter & Pondpush 12000 Pond Pump Set was £299.99 now £289.99
Correctly matched filter box and filter pump combination that work well together and save you ££££’s. Includes The Green 2 Clean 48000 flow through filter box with built in 50 watt UVC and the reliable solids handling PondPush 12000 Filter Pump from PondXpert.*Save £69.99 compared to buying products separately