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New products at Van Meuwen

by Sarah - March 13th, 2015.
Filed under: Jersey Plants, New Products.

New product at Van Meuwen

Rhubarb 'Champagne' (Autumn Planting) - 2 budded rhubarb crowns

Rhubarb ‘Champagne’ (Autumn Planting) – 2 budded rhubarb crowns £9.99
This ia an early variety and is ideal for forcing, which will produce long, slender, pink-tinged stalks. For deeper, red-coloured stems, leave them unforced - they will still be just as sweet and delicious! Rhubarb ‘Champagne’ is an old variety which is particularly reliable and easy to grow. Height: 60cm (24"). Spread: 120cm (48").Supplied as budded pieces, taken from established crowns, which will mature quickly, giving crowns big enough to harvest from 2 years after planting.