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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - March 25th, 2015.
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Dobies just added these new lines

Strawberry Table Top

Strawberry Table Top £91.99
This clever strawberry table top supports 2 x 1m grow bags (approximately 10 plants per bag) to produce three successive crops over a three year period before plants and compost need to be replaced.It makes growing strawberries easier, with larger and better quality fruit produced compared with traditional methods of growing. Bottom shelf 50cm, top shelf 90cm. Now supplied as standard with black polymer coating. Comes complete with netting to protect from predators. (Grow bags not included). Measurements: 1.45m (4’9) Height; 1m (3’3) Width; 0.63m (2′) Depth. Comes with a 15 year Guarantee.

Runner Bean Frames

Runner Bean Frames £101.99
This runner bean frame is both beautiful and practical with solid steel arches and steel cross struts to support the heaviest crop. Each pole is coated in a rust resistant protective sage green coating. Measurements: 2m (6’6) Height; 2m (6’6) Length; 0.18m (7) Depth.

Oval Screen

Oval Screen £101.99
An elegant screen featuring graceful arcs to give more privacy. It is supplied complete with steel lattice to support climbers. 15 year Guarantee. Classic range. Height 1.7m (5’6); width 1.22m (4′).

Versatility Screen

Versatility Screen £49.99
The Versatility Screen has been specially developed to enable you to adapt the individual units into a range of different structures. This makes it an ideal present as it allows the recipient to choose what sort of screen or frame they would like to have. They can add to the structure by simply purchasing additional units. Simply work out the number of units required to assemble the structure of your choice. The beautifully made metal lattice infills are included in each pack (2 pieces per screen). These give support for your climbers and add form to your chosen structure. Measurements: Height 1.2m (4′); Width 2.45m (8′). Classic Range. 15 year Guarantee.

Runner Bean Tower

Runner Bean Tower £109.99
This Runner Bean Tower comes complete with three hoop fixtures located at the top, middle and bottom of the frame to allow for a strong, taut and easy attachment of the netting; protecting your crop in windy conditions. Push the frame right into the ground so the bottom hoop is touching the soil to make it easier for the seedlings to reach and grow up the net. Measurements: 2.15m (7′) Height; 0.75m (29) Depth.

Long Narrow Fruit Cage with Zip Net

Long Narrow Fruit Cage with Zip Net £499.99
This long narrow fruit cage comes complete with a zip net offering protection from birds and small animals, whilst doubling up as a door. It is constructed from black polymer coated galvanised steel and comes with a 15 year guarantee. Supplied in kit form. Measurements: 1.83m Width; 7.32m Length; 2.44m Height.

Pea Frame

Pea Frame £29.99
This pea frame is the Downton Abbey of garden frames and certainly a cut above a garden cane. Solid steel poles arches with a playful gothic arched top will support your plants in aristocratic style. Painted in a rust resistant coating. Set of 3 frames. Measurements: 1m (3’3) Height; 1.5m (4’11).

Universal Pond Cover

Universal Pond Cover £89.99
Cover any shape pond up to a maximum of 2.8m to 4.8m with our universal pond cover. The six telescopic legs can be positioned around the perimeter of the pond as required, each leg can be individually adjusted to fit irregular shapes. Supplied in 19mm tube with 16mm telescopic inner tubing and 26mm mononet to fit the maximum size. 15 year Guarantee.