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Price reductions at Dobies

by Sarah - April 10th, 2015.
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Dobies has cut the price of this item

Daffodil Double Bulbs - Collection

Daffodil Double Bulbs – Collection was £14.99 now £12.99
DOUBLE DAFFODILS – Cultivated to produce one or more fabulous double flowers per stem, these are the show-offs of the daffodil world! (Bulb sizes quoted in centimetres refer to the circumference of bulbs. All bulbs are sourced from cultivated stocks.) Collection contains 20 bulbs (5 of each variety):My Story – A fragrant double daffodil with strong stems. Flowers March-May. Height 45cm. Bulb size 12-14cm. Front Page – Captivating white blooms, often more than one per stem. Scented. Flowers March-May. Height 40cm. Bulb size 14/16cm.Wave – Pristine white petals surround a bright yellow cup that almost resembles sea foam. Flowers March-May. Height 35cm. Bulb size 12/14m. Manly – Yellow buds open to reveal huge flowers that fade to creamy-white, and are interlaced with soft orange inner petals. Scented. Flowers March-April. Height 35-45cm. Bulb size 12/14cm.