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Soft Fruit offers from Gardening Direct

by Diane - April 14th, 2015.
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Soft Fruit offers
Tasty Savings on Soft Fruit from just £9.99…. Or Double Up for just 50% MORE!

Imagine the delight of picking your own fruit, fresh from the garden from just £9.99 or why not Double Up for just 50% more?

These plants will provide you with mouth-watering Soft Fruit each year from Summer to Autumn and are perfect for making home made jams, jellies and pies!

Having worked closely with a quality established British grower of Soft Fruit, Gardening Direct have included varieties which have been specially chosen for their tastiness, ease of growing and abundance of crop.

Their Soft Fruit is despatching from now until the end of April.

Blueberries Blue Crop 3 Plants 9cm Pot, just £12.99!
Blackberries Loch Ness 3 Bare Root Plants, just £11.99!
Raspberries Glen Ample 5 Plants Bare Root, just £11.99!
Strawberry Cambridge Favourite 10 Runners, just £9.99!