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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - April 15th, 2015.
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Dobies just added these new items

Brussels Sprout Plants - F1 Brigitte

Brussels Sprout Plants – F1 Brigitte £6.99
High quality buttons with excellent shape, colour and flavour. A first-class variety, cropping mid October-mid December. Good disease tolerance.

Seed Potatoes - Sarpo Mira 1kg (Late Season)

Seed Potatoes – Sarpo Mira 1kg (Late Season) £4.99
Red, oval, unprecedented blight resistance, good slug resistance, vigrous weed suppressing foliage and it grows well in a wide range of soils. Late season new potato variety.Late season (second crop) potatoes are grown from tubers which have been stored at a precise low temperature to keep them dormant until they are sent to you from June to late July. Plant them straight away (no need to chit first) and they will grow away rapidly in the warm summer soil. Your first potatoes can be dug from late October, but remember to leave some in the ground undisturbed, so you can enjoy that mouth-watering, just harvested, new potato taste on Christmas Day!All potatoes supplied are certified virus free, and come with full growing instructions. Each 1kg pack should, on average depending on variety, contain 10-15 tubers.

Wasabi Plant

Wasabi Plant £7.99
Did you know that most of the Wasabi we eat in the UK is actually a bogus concoction of mustard and horseradish?In fact, real Wasabi tubers lose their potent flavour within a day of being grated and cost an arm and a leg, hence the cheap mustard imitation! So growing your own is the perfect way to ensure you get an authentic Japanese experience.As well as the potent stem, the beautiful lily pad shaped leaves have a gentler wasabi tang and are fantastic wrapped around raw or smoked salmon with pickled ginger and a slick of cream cheese; exotic hors doeuvres your friends will never have tried before!Wasabi positively prefers overcast, damp, chilly weather, perfect!

Pea Plants - Douce Provence

Pea Plants – Douce Provence £9.99
An early-maturing variety, producing a good crop of sweet, tender peas. Height approximately 45cm (18), so no staking required.Easy-to-grow Plant now to crop next spring

Lettuce Plants - Winter Density

Lettuce Plants – Winter Density £5.99
Tightly folded, rounded heads of dark green leaves. Texture is a cross between butterhead and romaine with good flavor throughout the season. Harvest October-March. Height 21-30cm.

Autumn Vegetable Brassica Plants - Collection

Autumn Vegetable Brassica Plants – Collection £22.99
A selection of tasty brassica plants. Collection contains: 21 Value Plugs each of Savoy Continuity Collection, Cabbage Round Continuity Collection, Cauliflower Autumn Collection, Broccoli Purple Sprouting Continuity Collection, 22 Value Plugs each of Kale Black Magic, Turnip Tokyo Cross, Brussels Sprout Flower Sprout.

Kale Plants - Black Magic

Kale Plants – Black Magic £6.99
A new variety of the Italian black cabbage, bred to perform better in our climate, with improved cold tolerance, colour, leaf shape and bolt resistance than current Italian varieties. Good cut-and-come-again crop. Harvest October-March. Height 81-90cm.

Leek Plants - F1 Below Zero

Leek Plants – F1 Below Zero £6.99
A British-bred variety combining F1 hybrid vigour with extreme cold tolerance, producing top quality leeks that can withstand the harshest winter weather. It’s rust-resistant and stands well over a long period without bolting. Harvest from Christmas right through to May. Harvest December-May. Height 41-50cm.

Society Garlic Plant

Society Garlic Plant £6.99
So named because it tastes just like traditional garlic but doesnt give you bad breath!The tasty stems and flower buds have a sweet, roasted garlic flavour and are very versatile; use in salads or egg dishes just like chives, or cooked into stir-fries, quiches and much more.This beautiful, ornamental plant is very easy to grow and once established will keep coming back year after year.Spice up your cooking and your garden. Savour the flavour fresh from your garden or windowsill.