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New products at Van Meuwen

by Sarah - April 15th, 2015.
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Lots of new lines added today at Van Meuwen

Jumbo Propagator - 1 jumbo propagator

Jumbo Propagator – 1 jumbo propagator £119.99
This strong and sturdy propagator is easy to assemble and can accommodate 8 full size seed trays. Perfect for propagating seeds and cuttings all year round. The heated mat is thermostatically controled and can be set at various temperatures up to 40°C, in 8°C increments - and it can be rolled up for easy storage. Dimensions: 130cm x 60cm x 50cm. 2 year guarantee.

Raised Bed Kit - 4 x 1m kit

Raised Bed Kit – 4 x 1m kit £119.96
Raised beds are ideal for growing a variety of mini vegetables. The heat absorbing side panels can be assembled in minutes to make a 1m x 1m growing area. Many gardeners divide this area up into six equal sections for six different vegetables. RHS trials have shown that raised beds with an area of just 3m x 3m can produce enough vegetables for an average family throughout the year. Holds 320 litres of multipurpose compost (not supplied).

Magnolia 'Sunrise' (Standard) - 4 bare root plants

Magnolia ‘Sunrise’ (Standard) – 4 bare root plants £79.96
This magnificent deciduous shrub has superb, goblet-shaped, white flowers with a distinctive red flame. Grown as a standard, this hardy compact Magnolia makes an ideal focal point in smaller gardens and woodland planting schemes. A superb specimen shrub! Will grow to 1.5m - 1.8m (60-72") tall. Supplied as a bare root plant. Height of stem supplied: 100cm (40").Useful links:How to plant trees and shrubs

Bay Standard Tree - 20cm pot x 2 (small)

Bay Standard Tree – 20cm pot x 2 (small) £69.99
 Customer Review RatingTop chef’s favourite herbLong-lasting, aromatic, edible evergreen foliageCreate a beautiful Stately lookAdd a touch of class to your garden with this beautiful, evergreen Bay Tree. It will thrive in any sheltered position, its neat ball of evergreen foliage sitting atop elegant stems. Ideal for creating a smart entrance either side of a doorway, or the perfect pick-me-up for your garden archway. Easy to grow – perfectly content in containers – and with a little pruning each summer and a good supply of water, your standard bay tree will bring you pleasure for years to come. The glossy aromatic leaves can be picked all year round and are widely used in country kitchens, either fresh, dried or ground. These elegant plants are sold as pairs and are available in three different sizes: The smallest size will have a stem length of approximately 60cm and a head of 35-40cm in diameter. The medium size will have a stem length of approximately 80cm and a head of 40-45cm in diameter. The largest size will have a stem length of 100cm and a head of 50-55cm in diameter. They are supplied in pots (size indicated below)Useful links:How to plant trees and shrubs

Pluot 'Purple Candy' - 2 bare root trees

Pluot ‘Purple Candy’ – 2 bare root trees £69.98
This amazing hybrid fruit tree combines the juiciness of a plum with the fragrant taste of an apricot The large, smooth, red skinned fruits can be harvested from August. Pluot ‘Purple Candy’ is a self-fertile, naturally small tree grafted onto a semi-dwarfing rootstock, giving a compact, productive tree.Height and spread: 2.5m (8’). Rootstock: Peach Seedling.Estimated time to cropping once planted: 2 years.Estimated time to best yields: 4 years.

Bumper Annual Bedding Collection - 72 plug plants - 6 of each variety

Bumper Annual Bedding Collection – 72 plug plants – 6 of each variety £59.98
This superb collection brings together 12 impressive varieties to fill your garden with colour all through summer! Height: Up to 60cm (24"). Spread: Up to 45cm (18"). Supplied as plug plants.Collection comprises:Antirrhinum ‘Candy Canes’ Mixed - fragrant snapdragons in a contemporary colour range.Salvia splendens ‘Blaze of Fire’ - compact plants produce brilliant scarlet flowers - a striking plant.Nicotiana ‘Eau de Cologne’ Mixed - medium-height plants with fragrant, upward-facing flowers, in a tapestry of colours.Rudbeckia ‘All Sorts Mixed’ - these coneflowers have superb garden performance, and they make excellent cut flowers too! Perfect for beds, borders and large patio containers.Petunia ‘Easy Wave™ Improved Mixed’ - a mix of many petunia flower types with excellent all-weather performance.Lobelia ‘Monsoon Midnight’ - sapphire flowers cascade to make a fine display in hanging baskets and containers. Begonia semperflorens ‘Lotto Mixed’ - much larger flowers than normal Begonia semperflorens: ideal for beds and borders.Bacopa ‘Snowtopia’ - you can always depend on bacopa for great display in hanging baskets, especially whem planted up with other varieties.Gazania ‘Tiger Stripes Mixed’ - these daisy-like blooms with a contrasting stripe on each petal make cheerful and colourful display.Verbena ‘Quartz Mixed’ F1 Hybrid - a mix of long-flowering, brightly coloured verbena with great mildew resistance. Dianthus barbatus ‘Sweet’ - this cottage garden favourite is popular for its fabulous scent and flowers which are perfect for cutting. Salpiglossis sinuata ‘Royale Mixed’ F1 Hybrid - Impressive velvety trumpet-shaped flowers are carried on upright, bushy plants.

Almond 'Garden Prince' (patio) - 2 bare root trees

Almond ‘Garden Prince’ (patio) – 2 bare root trees £59.98
A very attractive dwarf almond tree featuring a profusion of pretty pink blossom in spring. Almond ‘Garden Prince’ has been grafted on to VVA1 rootstock to form a dwarf fruit tree which makes an ideal feature for the patio! This fully hardy tree needs mild winters and warm, dry summers to produce a crop in September. Sweet Almonds flower early in the spring when few pollinating insects are around so will need pollinating by hand to set a good crop. Height and spread: 1.2m (4’). Supplied as bare root.Useful links:How to plant and grow patio fruit

Petunia (Trailing) Trade Bedding Pack - 100 petunia plug plants

Petunia (Trailing) Trade Bedding Pack – 100 petunia plug plants £59.98
For layer upon layer of ruffled double blooms, try this outstanding mixture of trailing petunias this summer - supplied as ‘trade’ size packs representing excellent value for money! Just 5 plants are sufficient to fill a hanging basket with masses of vibrant colour that will last all summer long. Perfect for filling window boxes, containers and flower pouches® too! Height and spread: 30cm (12"). Supplied as plug plants.

Petunia 'Surfinia®' Trade Bedding Pack - 100 petunia plug plants

Petunia ‘Surfinia®’ Trade Bedding Pack – 100 petunia plug plants £59.98
Petunia surfinia plants are unsurpassable for their prolific trailing growth and smothering of trumpet shaped blooms - and now they’re available in ‘trade’ size packs representing excellent value for money! Fill your beds, hanging baskets and patio containers with these colourful, weather-resistant petunias and enjoy the show all summer until the first frosts. Trails to: 120cm (47"). Supplied as plug plants.