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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - May 3rd, 2015.
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Hundreds of prices cut at GreenFingers

My Patio Tile FSC Decking Tile Reducer

My Patio Tile FSC Decking Tile Reducer was £4.99 now £1.24
To add the professional finishing touch to your decking tile area use the My Patio Tile FSC Decking Tile Straight Reducer piece. Specifically designed to fit My Patio Tile FSC Decking Tiles and using the same clever polypropylene base system the Straight Reducer pieces are quick and easy to connect to the edge of your outer most tiles. Quick and easy to install No tools required to fitMy Patio Tile Decking Straight Reducer pieces are made from FSC Curupau so you are ensured they come from well-managed forests sustaining not only the environment but also its local population. Naturally resistant to fungi and rot damage and all weather types Curupau changes to a richer reddish-brown colour with attractive darker streaks on exposure. It is recommended that if you wish to preserve the original colour you should use a UV blocking oil application. Dimensions: 30 x 7 x 3.5cm high

My Patio Tile FSC Decking Tile Corner Reducer - Pair

My Patio Tile FSC Decking Tile Corner Reducer – Pair was £8.99 now £2.24
Use the My Patio Tile FSC Decking Tile Corner Reducer pieces to add the professional finishing touch to your decking tile area. Specifically designed to fit My Patio Tile FSC Decking Tiles and using the same clever polypropylene base system the Corner Reducer pieces are quick and easy to connect to the edge of your outer most tiles. Corner Reducers are sold in a pair

Big K Disposable  BBQ

Big K Disposable BBQ was £4.49 now £2.24
Love the taste of charcoal grilling with this super convenient BBQ. A good all-round size this disposable barbecue will be ready to cook within 20 minutes and can even be used at the beach or campsite. So it’s great for all occasions. Quick and easy-to-use it lights with a single match and comes supplied with foil tray grill charcoal and lighting paper. An awesome barbecue that won’t cost you the world perfect for summer. Measures approximately L29 x W24x H4.5cm deep.

Greenfingers Solar House Number Light

Greenfingers Solar House Number Light was £6.99 now £2.49
A great idea for your front door! Illuminate your house number at night with a Greenfingers Solar House Number Light. No need for electricity or batteries this solar light will come on in the evening and all you have to do is affix your house number to the front panel or perhaps you might want to add a name and it will be lit up for your visitors to clearly see.Made from stainless steel making it sturdy and durable this Greenfingers Solar House Number Light features a bright white LED and also comes with a rechargeable battery should you wish to use that source after an overcast day. This is an attractive and practical light that comes at a great price. Outdoor lighting powered by the sun is the environmentally friendly and cost efficient way to light up your doorway. Simply position on or near a sunny door to charge the internal battery during daylight hours.Includes full set of self-adhesive numbers along with letters A to FCE & RoHS approvedEasy to install no wiringSolar panel 2V 50mA Rechargeable battery included 1 x Ni-MH 1.2v 600MAHScrews not includedDimensions: W20.2 x H18 x D3cmLabel size: 4 x 2.5cm

Greenfingers Solar Sonic Mole Repeller

Greenfingers Solar Sonic Mole Repeller was £5.99 now £2.49
This Greenfingers Sonic Mole Repeller produces a sonic pulse to get rid of moles without causing them any harm. The sonic pulse emits every 26-28 seconds into the surrounding earth that disturbs the mole causing it to vacate the area. The mole is most active between sunset and sunrise and often damages the roots of plants causing them to die so plant this mole repeller into the soil in a sunny position and get rid of it. With rechargeable batteries the mole repeller works in all weathers for 24 hours continuously on a full charge.CE & RoHS approvedSolar panel 4V 50mA Rechargeable Ni-MH 1.2v 600mA battery includedDimensions: W14.5 x D14.5 x H25cmCoverage: approx. 600m Large Reusable Shopping Bag Large Reusable Shopping Bag was £4.99 now £2.49
Be eco-friendly with this Large Reusable Shopping Bag. Made from durable non-woven cloth this bag is water resistant strong and recyclable with air permeability. It is a cost effective environmentally-friendly and very handy bag to keep in your car boot for those shopping trips. Approximately 200000 plastic bags are deposited into landfills every hour; they take thousands of years to break down and are detrimental to ecosystems both on land and in the ocean. This bag is degradable non toxic flame retardant and 100% recyclable with water based inks used for printing.RobustEco friendlyRecyclableCost effectiveDimensions: L39 x W27 x H43cmPlease note: the items shown in the bag are not included.

Gripsnipz  | Mini Cutting Tool

Gripsnipz | Mini Cutting Tool was £4.99 now £2.49
The GripSnipz mini cutting tool is perfect for those small and intricate tasks around your home and garden. With an easy grip and sturdy blades this mini cutting tool is a must-have for any tool box. It is the ideal size for deadheading flowers trimming annuals pruning or perhaps trimming bonsai trees and its bright coloured handle makes it easy to spot should you drop it. Egonomically designed to sit comfortably between your index finger and thumb it has flexible plastic handles for efficient fingertip control and features strengthened ultra sharp steel blades for precise cutting. Whatever the use this GripSnipz is both extremely handy and durable.Steel blades Dimensions: L10cm x W3 x D1cmCutting diameter: approx. 20mm

Nippon Ant Bait Station

Nippon Ant Bait Station was £3.99 now £2.49
The Nippon Ant Bait Station is a useful device for eliminating ants from your home by addressing the issue at its heart. What makes this system such a wise product to use is that it is designed to attract worker ants who pick it up and transport it back to their colony for feeding on. Consequently destroying ants at their nest without mess or trace. Made with spinosad a popular insecticide due to its fast-acting performance the bait can be used indoors or outdoors and should be applied at the first sign of ant activity (usually early spring). Make sure to not disturb feeding ants as it is important that they collect the bait and transport it back to the colony. An effective dose is normally built up in seven to ten days This pack includes 2 x 5g Ant Bait Stations

FSC Wooden Lemon Reamer

FSC Wooden Lemon Reamer was £3.49 now £2.61
This FSC Wooden Lemon Reamer can be used in conjunction with all citrus fruit. Useful for squeezing oranges lemons and limes perfect for juices and cooking this is a splendid accessory just the thing for any juice enthusiast. Made out of FSC beech timber. Measures approximately 15cm.

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