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New products at GreenFingers

by John - May 3rd, 2015.
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New products at GreenFingers

J.Arthur Bowers Lawn Sand 185m - 25kg

J.Arthur Bowers Lawn Sand 185m – 25kg £12.99
J.Arthur Bowers Lawn Sand is the traditional treatment to control moss and keep your lawn looking lusciously green. It is best to apply this lawn sand between late spring and early autumn and will treat up to 185 metres squared. Coverage: 185m2 Capacity:25kgFeeding Recommendations: Anytime between late Spring and early Autumn.Do not apply on wet or damp grass or in frost or drought conditionsContains Ferrous Sulphate.Quantity: 25kg

Chapelwood Suet & Scraps Feeder

Chapelwood Suet & Scraps Feeder £1.79
The Chapelwood Suet & Scraps Feeder is a powder coated mesh grill formed into a handy sized sealable cage. Perfect for wild bird suet cakes and scraps you simply place them inside close the door and hang from a tree branch or hanging bracket and watch how many feathered visitors you get. Feeding garden birds does not need to be expensive as many of the food scraps you throw away provide suitable food for birds. Birds love the fat from unsalted cuts of meat and mild grated cheese is a favourite with robins dunnocks blackbirds and song thrushes. Apples pears and other fruit including bruised and part rotten ones cut up are very popular with all thrushes tits and starlings. Pastry cooked or uncooked is excellent – especially if it has been made with real fats. Fat including suet is particularly welcomed by tits great spotted woodpeckers thrushes and wrens. However please avoid polyunsaturated fats as they do not give the birds the high levels of energy they require in winter.With disappearing habitats and climatic changes the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) both recommend the year-round feeding of garden birds to maintain a healthy and viable flock of native species. Feeding requirements are greater in late autumn and winter when natural resources are in shorter supply and high energy levels are also needed during spring when birds are busy breeding and raising young. Once you have established a feeding regime – don

Sturdi Wood Round Parasol 2.5m - Blue

Sturdi Wood Round Parasol 2.5m – Blue £69.98
The Sturdi Wood Round Parasol 2.5m is a premium parasol is made using Indonesian hardwood for strength and durability and has simple clean classic lines. The Sturdi range comes with a single brass pulley system which makes raising and lowering of the parasols an easy task. This parasol also has a removable decorative finial which means you can remove the cover allowing you to machine wash it keeping it looking its best throughout those sunny days .Removable 180gram polyester coverUV rating; 50+Machine washable at 40 degreesRot stain and fade resistantBrass pulley systemStainless steel connector2 piece poleStore indoorsThis stylish looking parasol comes with a 2-piece hardwood pole and ribs which with the brass pulley and water resistant fabric gives a luxurious looking product that will enhance any garden space.Colour: BlueDimensions: 2.5m diameter x H2.43mPole: 3.8cm diameterCustomer Note: Parasol base not included. Please do not leave your parasol unattended in the table especially during windy conditions. We also recommend that you purchase a parasol base for extra stability.

Chapelwood FSC Silver Birch Nest Box

Chapelwood FSC Silver Birch Nest Box £8.99
Hand-crafted and made using gorgeous FSC pine and birch wood this lovely Silver Birch Nest Box from Chapelwood is great for luring blue tits and other small birds to your garden. Using wood sourced from sustainable forests and carved from a silver birch tree topped with a smooth pine-based roof this is a splendid little ornament and good decoration for your garden. Designed with 2.1cm wall thickness for important insulation and a 3.2cm hole accessible for most garden birds to enter and exit. A nice all-round gift with ample appeal. Measures approximately H25 x W15.5 x D13.5cm.

Scatter Cushions Pack of 2 - Tangerine and Poppy

Scatter Cushions Pack of 2 – Tangerine and Poppy £9.99
Bring a splash of colour to your outdoor entertainment areas with stunning Scatter Cushions Pack of 2

Camelot Patio Heater Cover

Camelot Patio Heater Cover £21.99
Keep your outdoor patio heater in pristine condition year after year with this fantastic Patio Heater Cover. This cover is constructed from a high performance fabric that is strong durable and features the trusted

Yeoman Rolling Lawn Scarifier / Reviver

Yeoman Rolling Lawn Scarifier / Reviver £24.99
Improve the quality of your lawn by removing unwanted moss and thatch. Simply push the rotary scarifier along the lawn eliminating the hard work and strain of the bending and kneeling normally associated with lawncare.The scarifying process also helps prevent disease and allows your lawn to breathe. Made from powder coated steel with stainless steel tines the scarifier also has a telescopic handle.Dimensions:Handle: extends from 88cm to 1.4mWidth inside of wheels: 36.68cm Scarifying width spike to spike: 33.36cm

Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Graduate Spade

Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Graduate Spade £14.99
Sometimes long handled spades can feel unwieldy or overly large making the Joseph Bentley Graduate Spade a vital addition to your garden shed. Perfect for those who prefer their garden tools lighter or for young gardeners who want to strike out for themselves this Joseph Bentley Graduate Spade features a tough stainless steel head with tread edges. It is smaller and lighter than the standard garden spade but equally as effective. Specifically made for durability and continuous gardening it is a great choice for digging and general cultivation at a great price. Manufactured from stainless steel ensures that this graduate spade will be rust-resistant and the handle is made from FSC certified wood that provides heritage charm. The smooth surface of the stainless steel means there is minimal soil adhesion and the tread edges will make it easier to work the soil. Manufacturer

J Arthur Bowers Lawn Dressing - 25L

J Arthur Bowers Lawn Dressing – 25L £6.99
To level your lawn as well as improve the drainage and root growth of your grass with no chemical additives use J. Arthur Bowers Lawn Dressing. Made from a fine blend of silver sand sterilised loam peat and perlite you simply brush the dressing over your lawn in spring or autumn and let the worms incorporate it into the soil. For compacted lawns the dressing can be brushed into aeration holes. Bare or sparse patches in your lawn can be reseeded in April when the soil is moist. This Lawn Dressing will improve the texture of the top layer of soil thus encouraging healthy root growth.Capacity: 25L will cover 25m

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