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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - July 22nd, 2015.
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Blooming Direct just added these new products

Pair Boulevard Patio Clematis - mixed colours

Pair Boulevard Patio Clematis – mixed colours £24.99
Blooming Brilliant! ‘Boulevard Patio Clematis’… Compact ‘flower-towers’ lasting 6 months each year. It’s incredible but true… these compact beauties really will produce a torrent of bright, star-shapes blooms continuously for 6 months – every year! Bred and developed by world renowned Raymond Evison, this pair of stunning ‘Boulevard’ beauties will captivate all summer long with their large, impactful blooms and repeat-flowering habit. They have been bred for their compact growing habit and precocious flowering nature so you can create a massive colour impact from a very limited space. They are perfect for growing in small spaces, in pots and containers, so are ideal for modern gardens where space may be limited. With displays lasting for up to 6 months – May until October – they will enliven any terraced garden, patio, balcony or conservatory. They will never get out of hand, growing to just 4ft tall when mature, and only require a minimum of annual maintenance – cut all stems back to 15cm (6′) in Feb/March- PLUS they are totally winter hardy too! Each supplied as a 50cm cane tripod in 2L pot. These unique clematis are simply fantastic value for money – order yours today!

Pack of 6 Hardy Trailing Heucherella 'Sunrise Falls' jumbo p

Pack of 6 Hardy Trailing Heucherella ‘Sunrise Falls’ jumbo p £14.99
From a fabulous and successful breeding program in the USA, this new fully trailing and full hardy Heucherella provides amazing year round foliage interest for hanging baskets and planters. Trailing up to 2 feet (60cm) in a year, the gorgeous golden yellow leaves have a sumptuous red central leaf marking, more pronounced in cooler autumn and spring. A real alternative to trailing ivies as a base plant for all year round baskets and tubs. Totally hardy to below -10C, so works well with trailing pansies in autumn and winter, or with brighter summer bedding. Will also grow as a groundcover plant if planted direct in borders, covering an area of 1 square metre in a year. ‘Sunrise Falls’ really is a great new hardy option for many uses, with the added benefit of compact stems of frothy white flowers in summer too.

Polyanthus 'Crescendo Mix' pack 12 jumbo plugs

Polyanthus ‘Crescendo Mix’ pack 12 jumbo plugs £14.99
The latest and best Polyanthus around; a Multiflora variety and therefore incredibly prolific in flowering displays, fully winter hardy and will flower non-stop from midwinter through to late May every year. The foliage is lusciously deep-green, allowing the bright fragrant blooms to stand out brilliantly on their strong stems and for you to even take some cut posies of flower if you want to! Height 25cm (10). Easy to grow, they work best in sunny or lightly shaded spots in tubs, baskets and planters, or the front of garden borders.

Rosebud Primrose 'Primlet Double Mix' pack 12 jumbo plug plants

Rosebud Primrose ‘Primlet Double Mix’ pack 12 jumbo plug plants £14.99
Wave upon wave of pretty, rosebud shaped flowers appear from late winter right through to spring! One of the best rosebud forms around, this unique style of primrose adds a new twist to Spring gardens. This cheerful variety is perfect for brightening up your winter garden, and is also brilliant indoors on a windowsill! Compact and low-growing, they are perfect for flower beds and excel in patio pots. They grow to about 20cm (8).

Primrose 'Alaska Mix' pack 12 jumbo plugs

Primrose ‘Alaska Mix’ pack 12 jumbo plugs £14.99
Transform your winter garden with these wonderful primroses – flowering like dazzling jewels in cold Winter days. Primrose Alaska is a bright-eyed variety with a soft sweet scent that will fill your garden. They will flower throughout the coldest time in winter, coming to a crescendo of vibrant colour in spring. Compact and low-growing, they are perfect for flower beds and excel in patio pots. They grow to 15cm (6) tall and spread, and thrive in full sun or light shade, and very easy to grow.

Autumn Wallflower 'Sugar Rush Mix' pack 12 jumbo plugs

Autumn Wallflower ‘Sugar Rush Mix’ pack 12 jumbo plugs £9.99
‘Sugar Rush’ is a unique new British-bred Wallflower that will reliably give you two displays of vibrant colour to brighten up your garden this Autumn and Winter! A real breeding breakthrough – Sugar Rush will flower this autumn around November, overwintering to flower again in the Spring so giving double the pleasure! This dwarf variety is highly fragrant and its rainbow-like mix of coloured blooms will provide a vivid display in the otherwise dreary winter months. It is very hardy, easily enduring wintery conditions , and is perfect for borders or containers. Growing to about 20cm tall, it’s mass of fruit salad shades will work best in full sun or light shade, in massed plantings in pots, planters or mixed borders. Remove spent flowers to prolong displays.

Salvia Hot Lips pack of 10 plug plants

Salvia Hot Lips pack of 10 plug plants £9.99
This unusual, hardy perennial will look incredible in a patio pot or sunny border! The bright, two-tone flowers with light up your garden in scarlet and white, from early summer to the first frosts in October, in a wonderful 5 month display. It is winter hardy and will die back underground in the autumn only to burst into life again each spring. In cooler summers, you will get whiter flowers, and in hot ones you will get lots of red! This Salvia is really easy to care for and flowers prolifically with minimal care perfect for beginners!

Pansy 'Mix' pack 12 jumbo plugs

Pansy ‘Mix’ pack 12 jumbo plugs £9.99
For those who like it bright in Winter, thismixture of classic Pansy colours will add bright and strong colours to your Winter garden. And each with that classic, happy face blotching too. Selected from over 40 colours, we have chosen only the warmest, deepest oranges, purples, reds, and glowing yellows to add a warming glow to your pots, tubs and borders. Very tolerant of Winter weather, they will go on flowering right until it gets too hot in high Summer. A great garden doer!