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Price reductions at Harrod Horticultural

by John - July 30th, 2015.
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Harrod Horticultural has cut the price of these items

Sneeboer Pull Hoe

Sneeboer Pull Hoe was £55.95 now £49.95
The Sneeboer Pull Hoe – Also Known As A Draw Hoe – Is The Last Thing Any Garden Weeds Want To See Slung Over Your Shoulder As The Slanted Blade Makes Mincemeat Of Weeds, Copes Easily With Hard Ground And Can Even Be Used For Earthing Up Vegetables And Making Shallow Sowing Trenches.boasting A 15cm Wide Slanted And Sharpened Stainless Blade, The Pull Hoe Is Fitted With A 1.5m Long Solid Ash Handle To Make Navigating Around Flowering Plants And Vegetables Easy And Will Certainly Help You To Be Quick On The Draw In The Duel With Weeds! sneeboer Pull Hoe Measures 166cm Overallstainless Steel Blade Measures 15cm Widesolid Ash Handle Is 150cm Longalso Known As A Draw Hoeideal For Weedingbreaks Up Hard Soiluse To Earth Up Potatoes And Leeks In The Vegetable Gardenwill Also Draw About Seed Drillssharpened And Slanted Blade For Optimum Weed Chopping Performancenote: 10cm And 20cm Wide Options Are Available To Order On A 6 Weeks Delivery

Sneeboer Gravel Rake

Sneeboer Gravel Rake was £81.95 now £79.95
Make Your Gravel Driveway Or Garden Paths The Envy Of The Neighbours With The Sneeboer Gravel Rake; Boasting A Motorway Wide 55cm Head And 14 Sharpened Stainless Steel Teeth, This Rake Will Leave Your Gravel As Flat As A Carpet.the Gravel Rake May Have Teeth Like A Shark But Its No Beast To Use As The 155cm Solid Ash Handle Allows You To Draw The Rake Through Gravel Of All Aggregates With Little Effort, And Certainly Puts Less Strain On Your Back Than Smaller Sized Rakes.the Extra Wide Head And Shorter Spikes Of The Sneeboer Gravel Rake Are Handed Forged In Holland From The Finest Stainless Steel In Traditional Sneeboer Fashion And This Is One Rake Which Will Stay In Vogue For Years To Come. sneeboer Gravel Rake Head Measures 55cm Wide14 Sharpened Spikes155cm Solid Ash Handle gravel Rake Measures 168cm Overalltines Are 4.5cm Deep3.5cm Gap Between Tinesideal For Raking Gravel Driveways And Pathslevels Small Aggregate Stonesstainless Steel Head