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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - July 31st, 2015.
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New products added today at Blooming Direct

Leaf-Curl Resistant Peach 'Avalon Pride' fruit tree bare root

Leaf-Curl Resistant Peach ‘Avalon Pride’ fruit tree bare root £29.99
If you love the idea of growing juicy peaches but thought you couldn’t, then think again! ‘Avalon Pride’® represents the most significant development in Peach Tree breeding for over 100 years, meaning you can now grow it here in The UK, with complete confidence that you will get a fabulous crop of up to 20kg of delicious fruits per season for many years to come… This unique, ‘self-fertile’ variety carries a wonderful display of pretty, sweetly fragrant pink blooms in late March and April that go on to produce a bumper crop in mid-August each year. The productivity of ‘Avalon Pride’® is so good because of its self-fertility, added to its later than usual flowering time – which cuts down the probability of the blooms getting damaged by a late frost before the pollinators do their work! What’s more, this particular variety is THE WORLDS FIRST one that shows very high resistance to Peach Leaf Curl, a problem that blights almost all Peach varieties. It’s also totally winter hardy and will grow brilliantly when planted directly in your garden – ideally against a wall where it will thrive. Supplied as well-feathered, bare-root trees that are 1.5-1.8m tall, and grown on St Julian A rootstock, they are ready to plant outdoors upon receipt and you can expect delicious bumper crops for decades to come. Once planted they will remain compact, growing to just 3m tall after 5 years. ‘Avalon Pride’® was originally discovered by Miss Margaret Proud whilst out walking in woodland adjacent to her fathers garden in Washington State, USA. She quickly realised that it showed no visible signs whatsoever of the dreaded peach leaf curl, and, because she loved eating fresh peaches, decided to propagate her own tree. Having successfully done just that, some years later, a large bear decided to dig the tree up and smashed it to pieces! With just a handful of branches remaining, she skilfully grafted some of them on to another peach tree, thereby saving the variety and making sure that you can still enjoy this super variety today. Each and every Peach ‘Avalon Pride’® tree that is growing around the world today has been raised from that same lineage.

Asian Pear (Nashi) 'Kumoi'

Asian Pear (Nashi) ‘Kumoi’ £24.99
And now for something completely different! Is it an apple? Is it a pear? It is in fact called an Asian Pear, or sometimes a Nashi Pear, it is a very round russet apple-looking Pear, with similar taste and characteristics to pears, sweet white flesh and it keeps really well too. It is a relative newcomer over here, but widely grown elsewhere in the world. The variety ‘Kumoi’ is self-fertile, so you will get some fruit from it, but you will get heavy crops pollinated by other pears – the commonly grown Conference and Concorde will do it well. Fruit at it’s best mid-season in October, pick from the tree to store. It is grown on a semi-dwarfing rootstock, so will reach 3-4M tall in 10 years or so. Asian Pear is a really unusual new addition to any fruit garden or orchard.

Premium Apple Tree 'Tickled Pink' on M26

Premium Apple Tree ‘Tickled Pink’ on M26 £19.99
A new apple launched in 2011, ‘Tickled Pink’ is a stunning new variety with sumptuously juicy red flesh with a fabulous ‘Old-Fashioned’ flavour. From fragrant springtime blossom, to juicily luscious, red-fleshed fruits each October, ‘Tickled Pink’ will be as happy in a pot on your patio or balcony as it will in a bed or border. Reserve your own brand new, simply outstanding Apple ‘Tickled Pink’ before they are all gone! Enjoy its fabulous old-fashioned flavour -just like Rosy Apple sweets – and marvel at the unique strawberry-red flesh, all the way to the core. Delicious straight from the tree, the exquisite apples are perfect for making refreshing red juice or baking apple pies for a taste that’s simply divine! With its incredible fragrant spring blossom, richly-coloured foliage and mid-October fruits, the tree itself brings season-long interest to any garden, patio or balcony. It is perfectly winter hardy and so easy to grow, anyone can do it! Supplied on M26 dwarfing rootstock to ensure the tree remains compact (maximum height 2.5m) throughout its entire life. It is not self-fertile, but if there are apple trees nearby it is likely you will get some fruit as it can be pollinated by a wide range of commonly grown trees. Plant it where you can enjoy the gorgeous Spring blossom displays too! . Outstanding new variety – strictly limited stock!. Fabulous old-fashioned flavour, like Rosy Apple sweets!. Wonderful, distinctive strawberry red fruits. Delicious eaten fresh and perfect for cooking with too. Incredible fragrant spring blossom and stunning deep-red foliage. Incredibly easy to grow either in the ground or a patio pot. Grown on M26 dwarfing rootstock to ensure it remains compact

Apple Falstaff on M26 potted

Apple Falstaff on M26 potted £19.99
Falstaff produces very heavy crops of its perfectly round, red-flushed fruit late in the season each year, and they really are some of the scrummiest you will eat! The flavour is not only refreshingly juicy, but also nicely acidic with the perfect amount of sweetness, and the creamy-white flesh is satisfyingly crunchy. They are simply divine when eaten straight from the tree, but they can also be stored easily, and are fantastic when pressed to make zingy home-made apple juice! This relatively new, all-round winner is the perfect apple for gardeners of all abilities it is absolutely effortless to grow, and even the worst gardener can expect to get large quantities of top-quality, incredibly tasty fruits from their tree. Whats more, our trees are supplied on dwarfing rootstock, so they will remain compact you can even grow them in pots on your patio!

Apple Fiesta on M26 potted tree

Apple Fiesta on M26 potted tree £19.99
This excellent garden variety will produce its mouth-wateringly juicy, super-sweet fruit each year in early autumn. It is very similar to Coxs Orange Pippin in its rich, complex flavour and is simply wonderful eaten fresh, but will also keep well too, in a cool place. Fiesta is very easy to grow, and gives good crops almost everywhere in the UK, so it is unsurprisingly very popular with gardeners of all abilities.

Apple Queen Cox tree

Apple Queen Cox tree £19.99
Queen Cox is certainly the best known and most traditional British eating apple and is a Self-Fertile clone of the original ‘Coxs Orange Pippin’. This means it needs no other variety to pollinate it, so can be grown alone. The fruits are always crisp when you bite in to them, and are packed with a sweet juice that carries a wonderful sharp, complimentary edge to the flavour. Another really lovely characteristic is the mouth-watering aroma you get with every bite! The attractive rosy red and green skin colour means they look great on the tree as well as in your fruit bowl and when kept chilled but frost free after picking, can be stored for use well into January. They are normally ready to pick in mid-September. ‘Queen Cox’ is perfectly suited to the UK climate.

Patio Peach Amber tree root bare root

Patio Peach Amber tree root bare root £19.99
One of the best-sellers from world-leading Dwarf fruit tree breeder Zaiger, Peach Amber is a really special tree for your garden. Starting with a beautiful display of rose-pink blossom in Spring, it is self-fertile so will produce crops of sumptuous juicy peaches, with a deep golden amber flesh (hence it’s name), and lovely red skins. Amazingly sweet in taste, it really is Perfection in Peaches, and performs really well in the UK. As with all peaches here, best results can be obtained by helping pollinate the tree by using a simple soft artist’s paintbrush, and rubbing it from flower to flower when it in blossom. They blossom early, and there aren’t always enough bees on the move at that time of year. Keep foliage dry in Spring to avoid Peach leaf Curl – under a canopy is fine. You will be rewarded with amazing crops of juicy, amber-fleshed peaches – they just taste sublime picked warm form the sun on their backs, straight form the tree.

Rose Standard 'Carris' potted

Rose Standard ‘Carris’ potted £19.99
arris produces wave upon wave of attractive, lightly scented, bold scarlet blooms repeat flowering, it will transform your garden with rich colour throughout summer each year, for years to come! A highly versatile variety with an upright, strong habit, it does well in almost any garden situation. Fantastic for cutting for indoor flower displays, and because it is so floriferous, youll never be short of flowers! Colour: Scarlet Fragrance: 2/10

Chamaerops humilis Cerifera (Blue Fan Palm) 40-60cm

Chamaerops humilis Cerifera (Blue Fan Palm) 40-60cm £14.99
Thus little gem of a hardy palm adds a new colour dimension to exotic and tropcial gardening, with it’s steel blue grey fan palm foliage. The colour can be variable, but is stronger in full sun. Reportedly even hardier than the plain green species, they originate form the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, so get extreme cold there and will survive -10C in the UK once established. Very slow growing, so makes an excellent specimen in a large pto for patios and decking, requiring little maintenance in the year. Stock is limitted at this price, and is rarely sold in this size, so please order early.