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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - September 19th, 2015.
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Suttons Seeds has these new items today

Onion Sets - Red Champion

Onion Sets – Red Champion £3.49
A flavoursome maincrop, thin necked semi-globe to globe shaped, deep red onion. Very good for overwinter storage. Harvest June-September. 250g pack.

Cornflower Seeds - Classic Romantic

Cornflower Seeds – Classic Romantic £2.50
A cottage garden favourite. A charming mix of pinks and rosy reds with white tips. Easy to grow and great for pollinators. Height 80-100cm (32-40). HA – Hardy annual.

Artichoke Seeds - Purple & Green

Artichoke Seeds – Purple & Green £2.50
Contains Green Globe & Purple de Provence in equal quantities. Harvest May-June.Attractive and delicious flower headsVibrant green and purple headsAn ideal ornamental and edible cropExcellent flavour

Squash Butternut Seeds - Green & Brown

Squash Butternut Seeds – Green & Brown £2.50
Contains Waltham & Naples Long in equal quantities. Harvest August-October.Green and brown skinned heavy cropping SquashGood supply of butternut squash through late summer and autumnStores incredibly well without diminishing flavour

Cabbage Pointed Seeds - F1 Red & F1 Green

Cabbage Pointed Seeds – F1 Red & F1 Green £2.50
Contains Tinty & Paresa in equal quantities. Harvest June-October.Vigourous, bright pointed headsDeep red and green pointed headsSweet flavourBest steamed or grated in coleslaw

Chard Seeds - Yellow & Red

Chard Seeds – Yellow & Red £2.50
Contains Bright Yellow and Rhubarb in equal quantities. Harvest July-early November.Ideal for the veg garden or flower borderBright yellow and crimson stemsGreat cut and come again cropUse leaves and stems

Pepper Chilli Seeds - Red & Green

Pepper Chilli Seeds – Red & Green £2.50
Contains De Cayenne & Jalapeno in equal quantities. Harvest mid July-early October.Hot chillies to spcie up mealtimesLong, slender, red De Cayenne chillies are a great addition to hot asian dishesShort, conical, green Jalepenos are ideal for slingin onto pizzas and spicing up mexican dishesGrow in a greenhouse or outdoors

Cucumber Seeds - Long & Short

Cucumber Seeds – Long & Short £2.50
Contains Telegraph Improved & Beth Alpha in equal quantities. Eat fresh from the plant for the best flavour. Good disease resistance. Harvest July-September.Ideal for salads and lunchboxesProlific crops of both standard long and baby cucumbers

Kale Seeds - Green & Red

Kale Seeds – Green & Red £2.50
Contains Dwarf Green Curled & Scarlet in equal quantities. Harvest August-February.Excellent flavoured leaves throughout the winterDeeply curled purple and green leavesPick leaves as required a steam lightlyVery winter hardy