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New products at PondKeeper

by John - September 30th, 2015.
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PondKeeper has these new items today

PondXpert Pond Skimmer Net

PondXpert Pond Skimmer Net £14.99
This Skimmer Net is an essential piece of kit for all pondkeepers. Keep it handy pondside and it can be used to fish out and piece of rubbish, leaves or debris that enters the pond. It’s mighty 2.2m (7′ 2″) telescopic reach provides you with a great amount of coverage.

PondXpert Pond Net - Catching Type

PondXpert Pond Net – Catching Type £14.99
Every pondkeeper needs a pond net! This handy tool can be used to fish out debris, fish, even pond equipment such as pumps! it is a large net with a 2.2m telescopic reach yet it folds down and collapses for easy storage.