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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - October 7th, 2015.
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New products added today at Crocus

Terracotta rhubarb forcer

Terracotta rhubarb forcer £89.99
This beautiful rhubarb forcer has a practical purpose, but its classic good looks means that it will also make a beautiful garden ornament when placed out in your vegetable garden or herbaceous borders. It has a detachable lid and can be used to ‘force’ early crops like rhubarb, chicory and asparagus into producing their ready to eat harvest ahead of schedule. Dimensions: Large: Height 60cm and 37.5cm diameter base. Small: Height 50cm and 37.5cm diameter base. Each pot is fired to 1080 degrees C to make them as frost resistant as possible. However we would always suggest that, just to be extra safe, in the very cold months that you move empty or full pots into a sheltered spot. Our pots are all hand thrown so each pot is slightly different in thickness and shape which gives them their unique character.

Traditional steel obelisk

Traditional steel obelisk £54.99
This traditional steel obelisk is made in Britain and constructed from tubular and flat steel which is coated in a durable antique black polyester paint. It is not only a sturdy structure capable of supporting even the heaviest of climbers, but the traditional design also looks great in your borde r or on the edge of your patio. Measurements: Height: 6ft, Base diameter: 14″ Height: 7ft, Base diameter: 14″ Height: 8ft, Base diameter: 18″

Hozelock sprinkler hose

Hozelock sprinkler hose £39.99
Perforated flat hose which produces a gentle sprinkler effect when used upright and a deep soaking action when reversed. Supplied with end cap and screw-in con nector. Can be used in series.

Black sunflower bird seed 12.75kg (28lbs)

Black sunflower bird seed 12.75kg (28lbs) £29.99
The Black Sunflower has become deservedly popular for bird feeding. Its relatively thin seed coat gives ease of access to an oil-rich kernel. Crocus Tip Suitable for Seed Feeders, Table and Ground Feeding. General Feeding Tips Ensure food is available at peak feeding times such as dawn and dusk Remember to have a fresh supply of drinking water available for your garden birds Site feeders away from predators such as cats Keep feeding sites hygenic as possible by clearing away uneaten food/droppings Store all food in a cool dry place Endorsed by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) and meets all the BSA (Bird Care Standards Association) standards

Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' (daphne)

Daphne odora ‘Aureomarginata’ (daphne) £19.99
Position: full sun or partial shade Soil: moderately fertile, well-drained, humus-rich soil Rate of growth: slow-growing Flowering period: January to March Hardiness: borderline hardy (may need winter protection) Clusters of small, sweetly scented, pale pink flowers open from purple-pink buds in January among lustrous, lance-shaped, dark green leaves with yellow margins. The flowers are followed by spherical, red fruit. This evergreen shrub thrives in a sunny, sheltered position where its handsome, variegated foliage will brighten the winter garden. Try it at the edge of a mixed border or next to a path where its intoxicating fragrance can be appreciated. Garden care: Keep pruning to a minimum since the plant is susceptible to die-back. Where necessary after flowering, lightly trim to remove misplaced branches and maintain a compact habit.

Phyllostachys bissetii (Phyllostachys Bamboo)

Phyllostachys bissetii (Phyllostachys Bamboo) £19.99
Spreading upright slightly arching bamboo with dark lustrous green leaves someti mes edged with purple; dark matt green canes have pinky-purple stripes when youn g Clump-forming bamboo with rich glossy new canes with slight purple staining and dense dark green foliage

Victorian style glass bell jar - small

Victorian style glass bell jar – small £19.99
The design of this glass bell jar has been inspired by the Victorian original, while it has been hand crafted using traditional methods. Bell jars make a delightfully decorative gift and offer very practical uses around the home. They can be used for covering food, encouraging fruit to ripen, and framing keepsakes. Outdoors, they can be used for plant protection in colder weather and providing useful and elegant points of interest. Sizes: Small – Height: 20cm (8in) x Diameter 20cm (8iin) Medium – Height: 25cm (10in) x Diameter 25cm (10in)

Ceramic bee nester

Ceramic bee nester £19.99
The ceramic bee nester (skep is a fully functioning nest for bumble bees. Originally made from straw or wicker, this ceramic construction is a modern interpretation of a centuries old design conceived to provide an attractive and functioning wildlife item suitable for any modern garden. Beautiful in its appearance, it can help provide a safe and dry nesting site for these beneficial garden pollinators. The skep may be used with, or without its base and accordingly is suitable for any paved/patio area or the garden/hedgerow. Use from February onwards. Locate the skep low, or on the ground in a sheltered position in dappled sunlight, under a hedge under a hedge or adjacent to a wall line is ideal. Ceramic construction gives dry, secure nesting. Bumble Bees are essential garden pollinators. Attractive design to enhance any patio, garden or wildlife area. Dimensions: 19 x 21 x 21 cm

Narcissus 'Carlton' (large cupped daffodil bulbs)

Narcissus ‘Carlton’ (large cupped daffodil bulbs) £9.99
Position: full sun or partial shade Soil: well-drained soil Rate of growth: average Flowering period: March and April Flower colour: yellow Other features: excellent as cut-flowers; contact with the sap may cause skin irritation Hardiness: fully hardy If you love the big, blousy, traditional daffodils, then you are going to want to include some of these in your garden. This variety is grown extensively for the cut flower trade as their blooms are so robust and long lived. It has been around for nearly one hundred years, is one of the first daffs into flower, and as it is so vigorous it is perfect for naturalising. It is such a fabulous plant it has deservedly been given the prestigious Award of Garden Merit by the RHS. Garden care: Plant 10-15cm (4-6in) deep from late summer to early autumn. After flowering feed with a balanced fertiliser, dead-head and allow the leaves to die back naturally.